New Year walk grassroots, after the first day of work, baoying these halls busy explosion

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Reporter: DiaoPin jie Cearo today (February 7) is the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, baoying all walks of life started a new job, ushered in the peak service, especially some window department staff accepting heart in time, the work on time, quickly switch from “holiday mode” to “work mode”, with full enthusiasm, into the tense and orderly work.At 8:30 a.m., in the county medical insurance service hall, the reporter saw all the staff has been in place, to deal with the relevant matters of the public is also increasing.The Spring Festival holiday has ended, many people are going out for work, the window in front of the busy business.County Medical Security Bureau fund management center director Tang Jing said: we staff to go to work half an hour earlier, uninsured personnel as soon as possible to scan code, temperature measurement, standard wear masks and other prevention and control measures, effective service to the business of insured personnel.In 2022, we will stay true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly in mind, and continue to provide better and thoughtful services to the vast number of insured people.9 o ‘clock in the morning, the reporter in the county government service center to see, the first working day after the festival, government affairs center window department all staff to post in place.In the real estate registration center window, the reporter saw at the scene, there are more than 100 residents in the hall are dealing with a variety of documents, the staff is warm and patient for the masses to answer questions, for business.County real estate registration center registration management section deputy section chief Liu Jia said: as in previous years, all our staff 15 minutes in advance into the work, a short mobilization meeting, as well as various aspects of the work deployment.So far, all the Windows have received nearly 100 people.In the New Year, we will, as always, do a good job of real estate registration services, to provide the best service for the broad masses of the county.The first day after the festival, the staff of baoying Tax Bureau quickly put into work.In the office of baoying County Tax Bureau, the reporter saw that although there were not many people who came to handle tax, both the tax guide and the window service staff were full of spirit and served the citizens who came to handle business with enthusiasm.Wang Yao of Baoying Tax Bureau said: Today is the first working day of the New Year, we wish the whole county people: happy New Year, the year of the Tiger.In the New Year, all our colleagues will continue to work hard, continuous innovation, for the majority of taxpayers, payers to provide convenient, efficient, high-quality services.Editor: Gorgeous review: Du Qiang Wang Lang