More than 3.5 million students were cheated in an online quiz contest called bing Dwen Dwen

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Can I have a chance to mention “Bing Dwen Dwen” in the online answer contest of knowledge dissemination of the Winter Olympics?Does such an activity look tempting?But who would have thought it was an elaborate hoax!On February 18, the reporter learned from the Public security bureau of Nantong city, Jiangsu province, the public security organs of Nantong and Rudong two levels cracked a huge fake knowledge dissemination fraud case, which tricked more than 3.5 million college and technical secondary school students to participate in and illegally collect personal information.19 people were arrested with a value of more than 10 million yuan.What the hell happened?On February 8, a netizen reported to nantong police that online answers to the “Charming Winter Olympics” Knowledge promotion Ambassador activity were spread in wechat groups and moments, suspected of fraud and illegal collection of citizens’ personal information.The police found that the above activity design points rules, posters, etc., participants were required to fill in the school, name, ID number, mobile phone number, 10 questions within 10 minutes after the registration, six correct answers plus “Winter Olympics value” 10 points.Questions also asked fill in school, name, id number, phone number and other personal information need to check in by learning in the process of participation, invited to sign up for the value of the games to achieve a certain score for a week to five different levels of the games ambassador title on the top of the country’s hand can also be customized for “ice mound mound” poster limited prizes bring false activities such as the police found out,Behind this hidden to Li Mou Hui (male, 38 years old, Inner Mongolia), Tang Mou Feng (male, 40 years old, Jiangxi) and other criminal gangs headed, specifically for college students to design all kinds of online answer activities, illegal access to citizens’ personal information, money fraud.On February 16, Nantong police arrested all 19 people involved in the crime in Chongqing and Beijing, and seized 38 mobile phones, 57 computers and 16 U disks.According to introducing, the criminal suspect li mou fai a peak along with soup, etc., in the case of has not obtained the games organizing committee official authorization development platform “” competition, to the public, WeChat group, their circle of friends, all over the country launched a” ‘charm the games’ games knowledge dissemination power ambassador “, in false “honorary certificate”, such as the games commemorative gifts for prizes,Falsely claimed that the certificate can be used as a basis for social practice bonus points, scholarships, etc., to lure college and secondary school students to participate, but also charged each 28 yuan to 36 yuan certificate cost.To the case, illegally obtained more than 3.5 million college and technical secondary school students of personal information fraud cost more than 10 million yuan ▲ criminal gangs use informal industry associations, societies and other activities.Police remind the face of all kinds of network activities must shine eyes, the organizers of the event to be carefully screened, especially when it comes to filling in important personal information must be careful after winning the prize organizers required to claim the prize before paying all kinds of fees should be more vigilant to guard against being cheated!| surging news sources, the Ministry of Public Security department, guangdong public DV editing | small fang quietly optimization limited-time offers to share