Hearn: Alvarez thinks he can beat Joshua and Usic

2022-05-03 0 By

British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn revealed a very interesting information to the media, that is, the current P4P king Canelo Alvarez is very strong inside, super confident, even invincible, Alvarez may think he can beat the heavyweight Joshua and Usic.Of course, this may seem like far-fetched information, but it was Hearn who leaked it, and what Alvarez thought, hearn could only guess.”I met Alvarez in Santiago,” hearn said.I felt his inner strength when we talked together.Alvarez should accept the challenge of Charo Grande, Betbiev and all.In my opinion, If Alvarez goes up to 175 pounds, Biver is a good match.Alvarez’s triple fight with Golovkin remains the biggest fight in boxing.Charlo benavidez is certainly a very good opponent.It depends, of course, on the amount of remuneration.”Hearn continued: “Alvarez is currently number one in boxing and is entitled to dictate to other fighters.Working with Alvarez has taught me how important a fighter’s confidence and mentality is.Alvarez thought he was invincible. He thought he could defeat Joshua and Usic.Alvarez has a great mentality, one of the best fighters I’ve ever been close to, even across generations.”Editor fight jianghu believes that Hearn is very appreciative of Alvarez, the two are also a partnership.Of course hearn exaggerated some points, alvarez confidence is strong, also dare not challenge Usic, Joshua.Aside from the technical point of view, alvarez’s huge size disadvantage will make alvarez helpless. If Alvarez were to fight Joshua and Usic over 180 pounds, he would definitely be brutally KO’d.Alvarez’s confidence is very strong, he dared to fight WBC heavyweight champion Makabu, which shows this point, but this is also the limit of Alvarez.Before Alvarez play the game, is the courage to face the opponent’s artillery forward, there is indeed a kind of give up its who’s arrogance.But no one can go against nature. He can get up to 185 pounds, no more.Everything has its limits, and Joshua and Usic are red lines that Alvarez would never dream of touching.Some fans mocked Alvarez, including one who said anything is possible if you eat more Mexican beef.Hearn is drugging Alvarez.One retort: No, Alvarez was already on drugs.Others say that Alvarez can deal with any earthling as long as he has beef on his back.Apparently, the blame goes to Alvarez, who was banned for six months for eating contaminated Mexican beef.Alvarez will next take the stage in May against either WBC middleweight champion Jemal Chalo or WBC welterweight champion Maccab.No matter who he fights, Alvarez is the undisputed protagonist and has the absolute right to speak.