Eight immortal stage community: general branch leads bright flag, party member demonstration war epidemic situation

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Yueyang Evening News all media news (special correspondent Huang Yawen correspondent he Wen) “Hello!I am a party member volunteer of the Party general Branch of Baxiantai community. Please scan the “place code” with your mobile phone.”Ok, my health code is green.””You can enter the community.”Hello!Please wear masks during the quarantine period, “……In recent days, the domestic epidemic situation is grim. With the emergence of confirmed cases in Xiangyin, the epidemic prevention and control measures in The Hubin street of Nanhu New Area have entered a state of readiness.Baxiantai community party members cadres take the lead, social party members volunteer participation, set off the “general branch to lead the banner, party members demonstrate the fight against the epidemic” activity climax.Keep the clouds open to see the moon, waiting for the flowers sometimes.In strict accordance with the requirements of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Party General Branch of Baxiandai Community in Hubin Street carried out the “Four Bright” themed activities in the epidemic prevention and control line with the main content of “The Party branch lights up the flag, the organization life lights up the rules, the party members demonstrate the identity, the party building position lights up the image”.Under the leadership of Party secretary Yang Qizhi, party members and volunteer residents of the “Two Committees” of the Party general Branch of the community rushed around the streets, building communities, supermarkets and hotels, and natural production teams day and night to implement the strictest epidemic prevention and control measures to cover all areas.More than 30 volunteer members of the community are not willing to be left behind, have responded to the call of the Party branch, to join the epidemic prevention team.Unattended at the entrance of Venus vegetable market, they have to persuade people wearing masks, sweep the place, some stick to the reception at the gate of the hotel, to persuade residents recruitment will sweep the place code, urged code appear yellow, red code is reported to the personnel immediately to the community, and other volunteers follow community party member cadre door-to-door household MoPai outflow and inflow information on registration of vaccination and two yards.In order to cope with the tide of returning home during the Qingming Festival, the volunteers of the Party members in Baxiandai community took the initiative to conduct a comprehensive survey of the floating people and returning people within their jurisdiction, and conducted one-to-one household counseling for those planning to return home.In the front line of epidemic prevention and control, as a party member, to play a leading role in the vanguard, dedicated to the community to build the last safety net for epidemic prevention and control.You and I share the responsibility to fight the epidemic.On the afternoon of March 25, Wu Bin, a volunteer party member in the community, bought a box of 200 N95 epidemic masks at his own cost and sent them to community officials in Baxiandai to help the community fight the epidemic.Wu Bin said at the donation site:”At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation is very serious. I am also a resident Party member of the General Branch of the Party in the community. Every day, I see the community staff working in a” round the clock “, which is really hard.Very distressed community party member cadres to protect the health and safety of residents busy pay.I’m just doing my bit for the community.”Guard a gate, guard a city.During epidemic prevention and control, Party members, community workers and volunteers can be seen everywhere in Baxiantai Community. They serve the people with heart and love, and firmly guard the door of community epidemic prevention.”Among members of our community, volunteers in epidemic prevention and control work, played very well, when we put the play to the initiative of the communist party member’s cutting edge exemplary role WeChat group forwarded to the party members, party members volunteers have the first time, eager to join the community of epidemic prevention teams, don’t speak any conditions, listen to community disposal;Complete the epidemic prevention tasks assigned by the community without discount, I am very proud of the community has such a group of volunteer party members!”Yang Qizhi, secretary of party general branch of eight immortal stage community, sighed.Prevention and control of the epidemic is a bounden responsibility of Party members and cadres.As the epidemic such as command, as the front line such as the battlefield, give up the small family to take care of everyone, in this no smoke of war on the battlefield to fully show the eight Xiantai community party member volunteers extraordinary style.March flowers spring breeze warm, but the most beautiful red party flag.After a spring rain, flowers bloom all over the lakeside land. Red waistcoats, little red hats and red armbands are active in the streets and lanes of Hubin New City, becoming a beautiful scenery line of the city.