Chaoyangmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing carried out a Spring Festival blessing sending activity to help the elderly accurately

2022-05-03 0 By

On January 27, an activity to help the elderly in the Spring Festival was held in Chaoyangmen street, Dongcheng District, Beijing.Nearly 30 people from the publicity Department of Dongcheng District Civil Affairs Bureau, Chaoyangmen Street, Beijing Zhaoyang Social Work Development Center, 9 communities in Chaoyangmen Street, targeted elderly volunteer service team backbone, Dongcheng Civil Affairs baby volunteer service team attended the activity.The activity scene, by the dongcheng civil affairs baby volunteer service team of Wu Baiting, Tian Zijun, Xu Xiaochen and other small volunteers brought a solo “Daylily Flower”, chorus “Wan Jiang”, wish the motherland, volunteers and the old people healthy and happy New Year, live forever.It is understood that in this activity, the precision aid materials donated by charity groups and people from all walks of life will be sent to 10 elderly people in need by 9 community volunteer representatives of Chaoyang men street. The micro public welfare project “One Audience theater” of Chaoyang Men Street area Elderly Service Consortium is also launched at the same time.The little volunteers of the civil Affairs Baby volunteer service team performed poetry recitation, dance, electronic organ, singing and other wonderful performances for the elderly, and sent warm wishes to the elderly who are not able to travel at the arrival of the Spring Festival.Author: Wu Shengnan Duty editor: Yu Junru Responsible editor: Zhang Xuetao