Can discharge makeup cream be used as cleansing milk

2022-05-03 0 By

Can’t.1. Makeup remover is a cream makeup remover that can be used to remove facial makeup.Cleansing milk belongs to cleansing cosmetics, its purpose is to remove the dirt on the skin, make the skin refreshing, help to maintain the normal physiological state of the skin.Use makeup remover to remove makeup first, and then use facial cleanser to clean the face.2, from the composition of makeup remover, in order to let everyone wash off the face of cosmetics, which added a lot of active agent.Active agent is a chemical that promotes the fusion of oil and water, and the amount of active agent in makeup remover is comparable to that found in a bottle of kitchen cleaner.I believe that many women who do housework have experienced that their hands will become dry after using kitchen cleaners, which is the harm of active agents.3. After washing your hands, scoop out the makeup remover with a spoon and apply your fingers to your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.The amount you use depends on your makeup. You can use more for heavy makeup. Apply makeup remover all over and then massage it with your fingertips to dissolve the makeup completely.Then moisten your fingers with water and massage your face until the makeup remover turns milky white.After emulsification, discharge makeup cream is expressed to have dissolved colour makeup thoroughly, can wash a face with clear water, do not think it is ok so, discharge makeup cream also is oily, clear water cannot be cleaned clean, want to wash face milk thoroughly again.