An open letter to the people of the county on forest fire prevention

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Forest resources are the common wealth of the whole society, and forest fire prevention is the common responsibility of the whole society.Over the years, with the joint efforts of the people of the county, the forest coverage rate of the county has risen significantly, and the ecological environment is becoming more and more beautiful.However, “a single spark can destroy ten thousand mu of forest”.Our county forest fire prevention period is every year from December 1 to June 30, march to May is our county forest fire high risk period.During the period of high fire risk, qingming Festival is coming, spring sowing and other agricultural activities are frequent, grave worship and other field fires increase, a little careless can easily cause forest fires.In order to effectively prevent forest fire, ensure the safety of forest resources, protect our common green home, we hope that the broad masses of the county to further enhance the awareness of forest fire prevention, consciously abide by the relevant provisions of forest fire prevention: 1, consciously abide by the provisions of forest fire prevention.Every year from March 1 to May 31 for the county forest fire high fire risk period, in the high fire risk period, is prohibited to carry fire into the forest;It is strictly prohibited to burn waste reclamation, burn orange poles, burn weeds and crop residues at the edge of the ridges in the forest and forest;It is strictly prohibited to use fire for heating, picnic and lighting at night in forest areas.Smoking is strictly prohibited in the forest area, and cigarette butts and match stubs are discarded.It is strictly forbidden to use fire in the forest cemetery for cooking, lighting wax, burning paper, setting off firecrackers and other outdoor fire behavior, please observe the masses of people consciously.Ii. Advocating safe and civilized sacrifice.Promote tomb worship during the Qingming Festival does not violate the rules of lighting candles, burning incense burning paper, do not set off fireworks.By offering a bunch of flowers, planting a tree, cleaning a tombstone and other forms of remembrance, bid farewell to the bad customs of sacrifice, advocating a new custom of civilization sacrifice.Manage special personnel well.The guardians of the blind, dumb, deaf, dumb and children should bear the responsibility of supervision, resolutely do not let them play with fire, use fire, and strictly prevent forest fires.Fourth, timely report information.Those who find illegal use of fire in the wild shall be persuaded and stopped in time;If you find a forest fire, dial 12119 or 110 immediately.5. Strictly control fire in accordance with the law.In accordance with the relevant provisions of Law of the People’s Republic of China on Penalties for Public Security Administration and Regulations of Yunnan Province on Forest Fire Prevention, administrative punishments such as warning, fine and detention will be given according to law.Those who illegally use fire to cause forest fires and cause losses of forest resources shall not only compensate for the losses in accordance with the law, but also bear the costs of fighting the fires.Those who violate the criminal law will be handed over to judicial organs to be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.Let us join hands, start from now, start from their own, start from a bit, start from each family, with our practical actions to practice the concept of green mountains are gold and silver mountains, to create a beautiful and happy xiangyun.Xiangyun County Forest grassland Fire Prevention and Control Headquarters on March 23, 2022 graphic and text release of the county forest grassland Fire Prevention and control Headquarters responsible editor Yang Shiyu graphic review Zhang Minlai Graphic and text chief judge Hu Linguo tell good xiangyun story spread Xiangyun voice submission email Media address Longxi Community No. 308 (County Rong Media Center)