Write at home sister fang Chen day

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The 1950s and 1960s were the peak of family fertility in China.Under the influence of traditional thought, most Chinese families have 4 to 5 children.My parents may have followed this tradition by sticking with a daughter in the mid-1960s after having four of us.The parents fulfilled their ambition to have both children and children.The first lunar month is the celebration period of the Traditional Chinese Spring Festival.The 11th day of the first lunar month is the “Zi Xu Day” of the Chinese New Year.My sister was born on that day.Sister was born on the day of the freezing season.At that time, my parents were working in the remote mountainous area of Northern Guizhou.The family were elated by the birth of a daughter.The Spring Festival itself is a happy reunion day, sister’s birth to our ordinary family, increased the infinite joy.There are double happiness of the celebration of happiness, there are cold plum in full bloom of amazing, parents overjoyed.Daughter is the parents of the small cotton-padded jacket, sister’s arrival to our prosperous male family added infinite joy.Like the icing on the cake, the family treasure, favorite.Although my sister could not be said to have been born in a prestigious family, she was a lady.As the years go by.Sister grew up to be a big girl, bright eyes, bright and clever. She was not only the love of our family, but also the favorite girl of all the neighbors in the yard.Naturally to study and grow up, the sister of higher education to the fate of the family married.The four brothers married and started their own businesses, each centered on his own family.The responsibility of taking care of the family and her parents fell on her shoulders.She has virtually become the responsibility of the family.With the passage of time, my parents are getting older and older, and their health condition is getting worse and worse. After my mother retired, she was plagued with illness, so taking care of my parents’ diet and daily life became her daily life.Tedious heavy housework, sister no regrets, never in front of a few brothers vent complaints, unknown to bear.Nevertheless, in addition to being the middle of the family, the younger sister is also the backbone of the work unit.First of all, she was the secretary of the street office. Her good qualities helped her to do mass work with ease, and she was well received by the residents of the street.Work achievements, by the superior approval, heavy for the county unit economic and trade bureau party secretary.Sister’s literary talent has a place of excellence, often published articles in municipal newspapers.At a time when my sister was heading for career and promotion, my parents were getting older and sicker.Family responsibilities and parental care and filial piety, sister made a decision to step down, early retirement, full-time care for their parents.Until the parents an Xiang buried.Sister’s filial piety, subverted the concept of raising children for old age.Parents of the second half of the daily life conditioning, disease medical care, ordinary life leisure activities, day after day year after year are arranged by her company.Only she knew the bitterness and hardship of her life.The four older men visited only occasionally.Sister selfless filial piety and respect for brothers into the world’s most noble filial piety practice, she has no regrets, bear the disgrace to bear all this.Sister is also a selfless, strong family concept of the people, in addition to the care of parents, her brothers often care for her.She took care of every big problem in her brother’s family.My own family living environment is poor, she is excellent in the heart, she can earn hundreds of thousands of living environment of good housing according to the cost of me, so that I am all moved, whenever I am sick, she in addition to give me economic support, but also give me great spiritual comfort.My brother-in-law’s quiet and elegant choice made my sister an expert in managing the family, and made my parents spend the best time in harmony with my wife and husband.Sister and brother-in-law are bound by each other’s fate. They love each other for decades and have never been red in the face. They are intellectual couples with humanistic feelings and pay attention to the taste of life.Like tea ceremony, like travel, like photography.Wandering many famous mountains and rivers in China, leaving behind a lot of magnificent cultural scenery, leaving behind a lot of such as a trickle of water, refreshing the heart and refreshing the ink, life is not indifferent, as well as poetry and distant feelings.My life is only a few decades, and I am truly grateful and blessed to have such a sister.Feel a continuation of maternal love after parents left.As a brother, I have no shame.In sister fang Chen day this way to wish sister family good luck, happiness and well-being!