UZI returned to LPL after 895 days

2022-05-02 0 By

In the showdown with RNG, which everyone expected, he did not play, causing him to be sprayed as Ramos for a while.But in the first inning loss against IG, he suddenly stepped up.Instantly the heat of the broadcast room was ignited, and even broad Bean Jun, who was playing other games, quickly opened the broadcast room after receiving a message from his friends and shouted “I’m super, Uzi!”No one expected UZI to actually play in this game, after all, UZI didn’t show up in the previous more popular games, UZI is not good enough, BLG is buying the heat and so on.So UZI’s appearance yesterday was a surprise, not even to the commentators, but a few notches higher.It was UZI’s return to the ring after 895 days.UZI’s appearance set off a barrage of bullets, but the match was won by heat. I was worried that UZI, who had not played for two years, would still be able to play the style of that year, not to mention that he was appointed after losing a game.But UZI soon proved that he was still the same crazy dog. He took advantage of his teammates in the early stages, made a few good moves, and didn’t look like a player who hadn’t played in two years.Bullets are all such wonderful openings, but unfortunately they don’t last long.While UZI’s performance was good, his teammates’ performance was sluggish.Breath elder brother was once pressure knife even burst line, play group performance also frequently error, into a suffocating elder brother.Play wild Weiwei also appears to be not online, with breathing brother played a wave of amazing operation, three dozen a day show to kill, can be scheduled this week’s famous scene.BP is also a bit confused, even TheShy said that IG won when he saw BP in Game 3, the version of the strong “double circle” cast all put opposite, his side instead chose some not so strong heroes.I didn’t have the best success in my first game, but it doesn’t really matter if I win or lose a game. Anyway, it was nice to see UZI playing again and still in good form.To borrow a quote from Miller: nine hundred days without a game, that’s a really satisfying performance!