The Chinese vaccine certificate has been recognized by the UK. What about the entry information? Have you got it?

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The UK government announced on January 24 that it has approved vaccines from the Chinese mainland, exempting people from entry testing from 4am on February 11.This means that if you have received 2 doses of Beijing Bio and Sinovac vaccine in China, you will not need to prepare pre-travel tests, DAY2 tests and self-quarantine!, according to a new policy on February 11, entry requirements are as follows: not vaccinated against the certification in approved areas of passengers, passengers or without vaccination, must show: within 48 hours of the new champions league negative test results;Pre-order PCR test kits upon arrival;Complete and bring the passenger Locator Form;There is no need to quarantine unless the PCR test results are positive. In order to facilitate your travel, Xsister has sorted out the application and translation methods of the English version of these documents, hoping to help you save query time and better prepare for international travel.You can ask the field staff at the time of vaccination how to obtain the English version of the vaccination certificate. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the certificate indicates the English name of the vaccine manufacturer, the English information of the vaccine, as well as the passport number and name of the vaccinator.Students who have been vaccinated at home can go to their local international Travel Health Care center for translation.In Shanghai, for example, the Shanghai International Travel Health Care Center provides a fast service channel for people who only need to apply for a transfer card (translation) for their COVID-19 vaccination records, according to the latest notice on the website.You can go to the site from 14:00 to 15:00 on Mondays to Thursdays (except holidays). No appointment is required.* Note: If you do not already have an international certificate for vaccination or preventive measures (see the next section), you need to make an appointment.* Address: Room 2090, Jinqiao Road, Floor 1, Building 3, No. 15 jinbang Road1 original and photocopy of the vaccination record, if the mobile phone electronic record,Please screenshots show the vaccination records and site print completed application form for the vaccination (in health center website “download” business acceptance – form plate to download and print the complete) 02 international certificate of vaccination or preventive measures have also been informally referred to as the “Yellow Book” (the other certificates “international travel health examination certificate”, known as “little red book”).This also requires a visit to your local international travel health care center.Again, take Shanghai as an example. After visiting the official website of the health center, you can find a link on the right to make an appointment for outbound physical examination for Chinese citizens.After selecting “Inoculation and other services for Chinese Citizens studying abroad (No physical examination required)”, you can view the list of documents and materials that need to be provided.Then you can return to the home page, click “Online booking”, register, and select the right service type and address for booking.02 Nucleic acid Test Report You can find the contact information of the test site near your location through wechat “National Government Service Platform” mini program: then you can contact the test site by phone to know how long it takes to issue the report and whether the Nucleic acid test report in English can be provided.The above content was updated on January 25, 2022. You are advised to check the latest immigration policies for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in real time before planning a trip: