Shaoyang Market Supervision Bureau to supervise the Spring Festival before guarding 2022 action

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Rednet Moment January 31 – (Correspondent Zeng Shaoshi) On the morning of January 30, Shaoyang Market Supervision Bureau went to shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies and other places to supervise epidemic prevention and control, food safety, special equipment, production safety, market prices and other work.Inspection team checks online supervision code of cold-chain imported fruit in supermarket.In major shopping malls and supermarkets, inspection AnZha at the entrance to the staff of the epidemic prevention and control of health code, wearing masks, and so on and so forth, to view the cold-chain food supermarket imports code, information query and staff assigned nucleic acid detection, inquired about the meat, vegetables and other holiday the sources of edible agricultural products sell like hot cakes whether standard, whether the price is reasonable, supply adequate,Inspected the escalator detection and maintenance and fire protection and other work safety precautions.In major pharmacies, the inspection team learned in detail about the supply of masks and other epidemic prevention materials, the registration of sales of four types of drugs, routine health checks and temperature checks of customers.The inspection team stressed that market supervision staff should further improve their awareness, redeploy and implement epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival and the “Guard of the Year (2022)” campaign, and comprehensively rectify problems found in inspections by drawing lessons from one another.To further tamp the responsibility of the work, the implementation of the requirements of the table;To further strengthen the work measures, always tighten the string of production safety, implement the main responsibility, improve the system construction, strengthen safety awareness, increase the intensity of inspection, firmly guard the bottom line of market supervision safety, let the general public have a happy, peaceful and safe Spring Festival.Inspection team visited the frontline window service staff.On the same day, inspection also to shaoyang city administrative examination and approval service center line workers condolences market regulation window, ask for details of the various business window is dealt with operation, highly affirmed their years of hard work, encourage them continue to carry forward the “most beautiful window” fine tradition, and strictly observe the discipline and rules and regulations, honesty and self-disciplineTo implement the service tenet of “convenient, efficient, clean and standardized”, continue to innovate service methods, further deepen the achievements of the reform of “Once done well”, continuously improve the people’s satisfaction and sense of gain, and strive to create a new image of first-class government services.