“Poetry” Min Bing: Eyes (Part 2)

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The eye is a deep and bottomless blue water with mountains and ravines, joys and sorrows, joys and joys, spring, summer, autumn and winter. The eye is the lens through which I take in everything. February, IN my memory, I don’t see scissor-sellers, but scissor-sharpening voices.God has handed over the key to jiangshan and silver library lion text/people ice stone into a lion is gentle at the gate of the community, two lions always laugh at people I am also happy, in the smile is tame out of kindness is also cultivated out of note: pictures from the network, if there is a question, please contact background delete.Introduction to the poet: Min Bing, originally ma Chengrong, hui nationality, ancestral home in Dongxiang, Gansu province.Ningxia Tongxin County literary and Art Federation vice chairman.Deputy secretary general of Ningxia Wuzhong Writers association.Member of Ningxia Writers Association.Member of China Poetry Research Society.President of the Concentric County Poetry Society.His works have been published in more than ten magazines and newspapers in China, such as “Stars”, “National Literature”, “Shuofang”, “Apsaras”, “Hui Literature”, “Liupanshan”, “Yellow River Literature”, “Baipo”, “Ningxia Daily”, “Huaxing Times” and “New News”.Published poetry anthology “Nostalgia, Friendship” and “Scratches of time” two, multi – collection of three.Among them, “Scratches of Time” won the eighth Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region literature and Art Award poetry third prize.Taoxiang literary life, not only today, but also poetry and tomorrow’s sun……”Peach Village literature Garden” is a public platform focusing on real feelings, mainly launched original literary works, occasionally some life encyclopedia and health knowledge, “peach village literature Garden” look forward to your attention, welcome your submission!Note for submission: poems, essays, essays and short stories should be the most positive literary works that do not violate laws and morals and hinder the stability of the country. The maximum number of words should not exceed 2,500.The manuscript must be original and first published. Plagiarism and plagiarism are forbidden. The platform shall not bear any legal responsibility.(Submission format: original text + author photo + author introduction) E-mail: sdfcsyy@163.com (no remuneration)