Manchester United are ready for pogba’s $40 million move to fox City.

2022-05-02 0 By

According to Babo Sports (big Five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.) :Manchester united’s question is very much, they need to pay attention to solve some of internal contradictions, is likely to have a more outstanding performance next season, from inside the team line-up, in fact they are so many loopholes, but up to now, management and the coach is still choose to turn a blind eye, this is also one of the reasons why they have no way to obtain a higher honor.     According to the latest media reports, United are also aware of the importance of their midfielders and will prioritise signing a world-class midfielder to bolster their squad in the summer transfer window following the appointment of new chief executive Peter Arnold.They are very interested in Leicester city midfield playmaker Thieremans and are willing to make a £40m bid for him.According to Babo Sports (big Five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.) :Manchester united’s midfield problems already is old, their short board in recent seasons midfielder increasingly obvious, the media also reported a few years time, but ole Gunnar solskjaer has three years, still no any supplement to the position of the lower back, in the summer of last year, although they have some close contact with a number of defensive midfielder.But in the end there was no real progress.This winter, united’s management realized that the competition for the top four was still very dangerous and chose to ignore it, even sending Van der Beek out on loan.According to Babo Sports (big five, Champions League, World Cup, etc.), if they don’t finish in the top four, their losses will be serious and they will be less attractive in the transfer market, but the team is clearly not aware of the seriousness of the problem.United’s midfielders are expected to make a big move in the next transfer window, as pogba’s status is uncertain and they will need to bring in a defensive scion if he is to sign a new contract, as well as a replacement for their defensive midfielder if he is to leave.Pogba’s potential replacements include rice, phillips and Neves, as well as Thiermans, but rice is too expensive, with West Ham bidding for him at around? 100m.According to babo Sports (top 5 leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.), phillips is more likely to sign a new contract with Leeds than Thielemans.However, the player is unlikely to sign a new contract with the biancocelesti and speculation is mounting that he will leave the club, with Juventus and Liverpool, as well as big clubs like Real Madrid, also being linked with him.For Manchester united, he is really a good choice, and it is worthy of attention, if he left the leicester city, he will definitely select a team to play in the champions league, Juventus is likely to be his potential buyers, so the city must also make sure that their competing advantage and other giants club.