Lost Ark Steam server: Which sector should I choose for a new player

2022-05-02 0 By

Lostark Lostark was launched by Smile Gate game company. When it was just released, you could only go to the official website to register and download to play Russian server, Korean costume, etc. Many players did not bother to play.Now that the Lost Ark has arrived on Steam platform, the new open European and American server has several specific servers to choose from, and players have expressed their long awaited, ready to enter the hole.These days xiaobian received the most questions is the choice of which district service, here is to make detailed recommendations for you.The game can only be played with the lowest possible latency, so when choosing a server, the first thing to consider is the server with the lowest latency.According to reliable test results, players in the northern regions of the Internet have a lower delay in choosing eu.Players who surf the Internet in east China and South China have lower delay in choosing beautiful suits.The server built by this game is too far away from domestic players. If you play directly on the Internet, the delay will be relatively high normally, affecting the experience.You can open the acceleration tool Qiyou to play again, seconds to reduce the delay, more flow.Two, according to the popular degree of district service to choose you can try to choose the popular area, hit the copy is easier to match to other players, not too cold.If the indicator on the front of the server is yellow, there are many people.Before playing lost Ark, many players will set up a fixed team, which is convenient to watch and do the task grinding materials together. You can also go to each community to have a look, and choose the same server as other friends after finding the team.The above is xiaobian for you to bring about the lost Ark steam service, which district service is better for beginners, you can refer to it, choose the most want to go to the district service.