Get up early and run at more than 6 o ‘clock

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Don’t forget to exercise during the holiday, nor can you afford to stay in bed!It’s just, I almost forgot to stick to the day watch.Walking in the street outside suddenly feel today as if there is nothing to do, the original did not update the article.In a previous post, I shared why I get up so early and why I make sure to finish my daily exercise routine before I go to work.Only in the morning can you control the time when you get up early, which is the real freedom. In the rest of the time, there will be many things that disrupt your plan, leading to a lot of time to put off until late at night. After a day’s work, the body is already exhausted, so it is normal that you can’t stick to exercise.As mentioned before, scientifically speaking, it’s actually better to run at night, for the same reason that you might give up completely at night, so it’s better to run before work!In addition to the above reasons, I also like running in the morning because (especially outdoor running) : only in the morning before dawn, you can see many, many, rare tender moments in the process of struggling in the big city.When you go out and walk on the street with no passers-by, there used to be a street cleaner with a dark light and a one-armed man who you would meet every morning for a run.You can also see a aunt on a bicycle to go to the tall building to do early cleaning, in the office building so early only I will meet aunt, she said they have 12 hours a day, I was thinking ah, don’t know where their children enjoy happiness?Do you know the hard work of your parents?Sometimes when walking through the street crossing, the social worker on duty at the traffic lights would ask me to take a photo for her, and I would never refuse.Running along the shoreline, you’re bound to be in the same spot on each side, but there are moments when you can’t help holding up your phone.Not only is the scenery, there may be a long running group, I especially like to cheer for the children’s team, the rest of the general do not take the initiative.?There may be gray-haired uncles and aunts, there may be a family of three, or a father with a child.Even some young lovers seem to have stayed up all night and rested on stone benches by the roadside.Even the little brothers on duty, I find it very moving.If it were not for their efforts, in the reality of the big city small we dare to go out running so early.Hope to pass by to see my sincere code word point a praise oh!I will continue to share a little insight in life or some of my own “methodology” for your reference, welcome to continue to pay attention to oh!If you want to grow more dry goods and listen to my story, welcome to follow my namesake public account.