At the end of their term, principals of elementary, middle and kindergarten schools will receive general supervision

2022-05-02 0 By

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has issued a special document to set up a comprehensive supervision and evaluation system for the end of term of primary, secondary and kindergarten principals, according to the Ministry of Education on Monday.At the end of their term of office, heads of primary, secondary, and kindergarten schools (including privately-run schools and chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools) shall accept comprehensive supervision and evaluation focusing on seven aspects, namely, Party building, moral education, school governance, teachers’ work, standardizing school running, safety and health, and satisfaction survey.The evaluation results shall serve as an important reference and basis for the commendation and award, selection and appointment of the school (park) head.Pilot projects will be carried out in selected provinces in 2022 and gradually implemented nationwide.(Source: Xinhua Weibo)