Afraid of Putin attacking Ukraine?Facing the soul of the American reporter, Biden was angry on the spot

2022-05-02 0 By

Recently, the situation in Ukraine has become increasingly serious. Western countries, led by the US, have maintained a high-handed posture towards Russia on the Ukraine issue, constantly playing up the so-called “Russian military threat”.The Russian side is no less impressive, sending heavy troops to the Russian border.Today, hundreds of thousands of troops are stationed on both sides of the border, and advanced weaponry is flowing in from everywhere.The Biden administration, however, has been preparing ahead of time by calling for the evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and setting the travel risk level to Level 4.It seems that Biden is still afraid of a Russian attack on Ukraine, in the face of a reporter’s question, Biden was ugly.The grave situation in Ukraine is well known. The US considers itself as the “world policeman” and has been interfering in other countries’ internal affairs for years.Everywhere in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, there is a microcosm of American will.The current situation in Ukraine was created by the United States and NATO, which are now at war with Russia and Ukraine, stockpiling troops on the border and trying to spread the war between the two countries to innocent civilians.America and NATO, on the other hand, sit and watch Russia and Ukraine play it off as outsiders.On January 22, the first shipment of U.S. security and military aid to Ukraine reached 90 tons, including modern weapons and combat necessities.In the coming weeks, equipment from European and American arsenals will arrive in Ukraine, including some advanced weapons.Remarkably, many countries around Ukraine evacuated their embassies, sensing something was amiss.The Biden administration on Tuesday ordered the evacuation of all family members of U.S. embassy personnel in Ukraine, although they will be flown back to the United States on commercial flights.The Russian side has long made preparations, the Russian side began orderly withdrawal on the 5th of this month.At a press conference on January 19 to mark the first anniversary of Biden’s inauguration, Biden said, “If Russia strikes on a small scale, the West can leave it alone.”The words immediately caused a storm of public opinion, Ukraine quickly questioned the White House, the secretary of state rushed to clean up the mess caused by Biden.Yet on January 20th Mr Biden showed his sinister side in a soul-searching question from journalist Heinrich: “Why wait until Russia makes the first move?”Biden snapped: “That’s a stupid question…”Biden doesn’t want the U.S. to get too involved in Ukraine. It’s a quagmire, and once you get into it, you can’t get out.The main goal of the current U.S. intervention in Ukraine is to better control Europe, a diplomatic achievement that could help Biden secure the midterm election.But at a time when the main issues facing the United States are not foreign relations, but domestic issues such as inflation and COVID-19, is Biden moving in the opposite direction?For some information, refer to global Times