8 Groups of people who insist on eating breakfast have huge benefits!Everyone should know!

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To start!In a twinkling of an eye, the holiday season has passed, this sudden work rhythm makes many people not adapt to — in today’s “war” morning, are you ready to give up breakfast?Being too lazy to get out of bed is one of the reasons many people say no to breakfast, and at the same time, you say no to your health.Especially for the following types of people, breakfast must be eaten!Without the energy that breakfast provides, brain workers are in a fog.Productivity, language and memory were worse than usual, and sluggishness and inattention were more common.This is because brain cells are the most sensitive to fluctuations in blood sugar, and skipping breakfast reduces blood sugar supply and brain vitality.When manual workers do not eat breakfast, the stomach is the first to protest, because the body lacks energy, blood sugar level decreases, not only feel headache, but also irritable, upset, not only will reduce work efficiency, but also may cause injury accidents.People who skip breakfast are more likely to have bad breath, which can seriously affect their social image.It follows an article in the International Journal of Oral Health that found skipping breakfast doubles the risk of teenagers suffering from bad breath.In addition, people who often do not eat breakfast often have poor stomach function, gastritis or gastric ulcer, people with a bad stomach, the phenomenon of bad breath will be more serious.04 Gastroenteropathy patients do not eat breakfast, will lead to changes in the biological rhythm of the digestive system, gastrointestinal peristalsis and secretion of digestive juices will be affected.Because after the secretion of digestive juices, there is no food to neutralize, will produce adverse stimulation to the hollow gastrointestinal mucosa, so it is very easy to induce gastritis for a long time, and some people will therefore appear peptic gastric ulcer.People who skip breakfast often feel hungry and exhausted before lunchtime.This can lead to people unknowingly eating more at lunch, which is detrimental to weight control.06 People with gallbladder disease night is the best time for bile secretion.This secreted bile is stored in the gallbladder, which is stimulated by food when eaten in the morning to help with digestion.If you do not eat breakfast, bile will stay in the gallbladder for a long time, the cholesterol and other crystals will precipitate too much, “dock” on the gallbladder wall, a long time easy to form gallstones.07 People with abnormal blood glucose have a peak of insulin secretion at night. As we all know, insulin has a hypoglycemic effect. If you don’t eat in the morning to provide the body with blood sugar, the insulin secreted by the body will have no “use”.Studies have shown that people who regularly eat breakfast get more micronutrients such as folic acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and D.These nutrients not only help prevent common chronic diseases, but also contribute to the normal development of the fetus.Breakfast, eating is better than not eating!From a health perspective, breakfast is a good choice of foods rich in high-quality protein, such as eggs, milk;Foods rich in vitamin C, such as vegetables, fruits, and staple foods.However, for many people, eating breakfast is still a struggle, let alone a good one.For this group of people, first ensure that they “eat breakfast” and health habits, and then improve the diet is also OK.And really healthy breakfast is not as complicated as we imagined, Peking union medical college hospital clinical nutrition in professor kang has been recommended for everybody in its public “breakfast” one week, simple and easy, let’s look at Monday – : 250 ml milk, oatmeal 25 grams, 35 g whole wheat bread, boiled egg, 1 lettuce leaves in moderation.Tuesday: 300ml soybean milk, 50 grams of coarse grain steamed bread or coarse grain cake, 1 tea egg, cucumber amount.Wednesday: 250ml of milk, 60g of custard, 70g of sliced bread, some cherry tomatoes.Thursday: 100g bean curd, 50g pancake, 1 tea egg, shredded turnip.Friday: 25 grams of cereals, 1 egg, 50 grams of bok choy, 35 grams of brown bread, 25 grams of dried bean curd.Saturday: 100 grams of preserved egg and lean pork porridge, 100 grams of xiaolongbao, shredded cabbage salad.Sunday: a bowl of shrimp and vegetable wonton, 35g of wholemeal bread, 1 boiled egg.Xiaobian I wish you: start a good fortune!Source: Health China