Why is a piece of frozen hairtail cheaper than a whole hairtail in the supermarket?What’s the best deal?

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A catty cut into sections of hairtail about 10 yuan, and a complete hairtail is nearly 25 yuan a catty, some whole hairtail can even reach hundreds of yuan a catty, such a huge gap so that many people take the initiative to choose 10 yuan a catty cut hairtail.But do you think you’re really getting a good deal?Have you ever wondered why hairtail is cut into pieces?After all these two kinds of hairtail, buy which more cost-effective?To be honest, I didn’t realize there was such a big difference in price between a frozen cut of hairtail and a whole fish until my mother-in-law complained unintentionally.And a careful comparison, and feel that this price difference seems to take for granted.Every time my mother-in-law buys food and cooks, because we all like to eat hairtail, she cooks it for us every three or five times.But there were a few times when we found that the hairtail in our mouth didn’t taste right, and the quality of the meat seemed to be a little worse, so we asked my mother-in-law if she bought the spoiled hairtail.Her mother-in-law shook her head like a rattle and said in her mouth that it was her hand-picked hairtail and could not be spoiled meat!So why does meat taste different in your mouth?There must be something wrong.Want to go to the mother-in-law said, before buying back is the whole root of frozen hairtail, this time in the supermarket to do activities, cut into a section of frozen hairtail only 9 yuan 9 a catty, than the whole root to buy more than 10 pieces cheaper!She thought it was a good deal, so she bought some.”I ate it twice and regretted it. It was really cheap and bad. The whole bag was mostly fish heads and tails.Had known I would not gather together that lively, still picked along while cost a lot of strength there!”No wonder that the belt fish bone that eats recently is much, those who dare to buy is fish head fish tail these bone much place!But then again, ordinary people must live a careful life, choose inexpensive things to buy.However, the mother-in-law also felt puzzled, obviously she also chose very seriously, did not find when buying are bone parts ah, how to open the bag after feeling completely changed?Before we get to the bottom of this question, it’s important to understand why good haircuts are sold in pieces.Wouldn’t you sell more in one go if you sold it whole?What’s the reason for this?First, the product is not good hairtail is not suitable for the whole root to sell.Hairtail is a kind of fish that grows in the sea and lives in waters up to 10-25 meters deep, so ordinary artificial ponds cannot adapt to the growth environment of hairtail.As a result, hairtail can only be caught in the wild, not in captivity.Fishing at sea is done with nets that are small and dense, making it difficult for hairtail to escape when caught in the nets.And the harder you struggle, the more tightly you’re bound.It is normal for most of the hairtail to get trapped, bruised, and bruised on the surface of the body by the strong wire during the struggle.The damaged hairtail will deteriorate in appearance, and if sold whole, the price will be low because of appearance problems, or be disliked by customers.Therefore, for the hairtail with bad appearance, or the hairtail with serious injury in local area, we choose to cut it into hairtail section to sell.Cut out the injured parts and the rest can be sold as normal.Second, hairtail cut into segments can suit different customer needs, businesses can achieve maximum benefits.In fact, the daily diet of each family has a lot to do with their family income. Although everyone wants to eat nutritious and healthy food, if the realistic conditions can not be met, they can only settle for the second, at least meet one of the conditions.Cut the hairtail into segments. The belly of the fish with good meat and rich nutrition but a small body ratio can be sold at a higher price, while the head and tail of the fish are sold at a lower price because of the meatiness of the bones.Cut into segments, hairtail can be bought by different customer groups according to their actual needs. A hairtail can be sold at different prices, which also maximizes the interests of merchants.Three, the different parts of the hairtail are all mixed together after being cut into sections, so that it is difficult for customers to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages, and the business is more profitable.As mentioned before, hairtail is easy to be scratched by fishing nets when being caught on shore. If it is sold as a whole, it will be required to lower the price due to poor appearance, or even impossible to sell at all.To protect themselves, the merchants cut off the fish and then mix all the pieces together.In this way, it is difficult for customers to distinguish between advantages and disadvantages, even if there are a small number of defective products, customers will not care about.4. The shelf life of cut hairtail is longer, and the fresh ice outside the fish section is thicker, which increases the weight of hairtail section without worrying about the deterioration of meat quality.Hairtail can also extend its shelf life after being cut into pieces.Before bagging the cut fish pieces, they are iced and covered with a thin layer of ice.This not only increases the weight of the hairtail, but also makes it visually larger and more popular with customers.In this way, the packaged hairtail segments are always frozen, and the fresh life will be particularly long.This can explain why the fish slices bought by the mother-in-law are much less tasty than before, which is the routine of smart merchants.Once you understand why hairtail is sold in pieces, it is easy to understand why the whole hairtail is expensive.1. Short freshness keeping period.The whole hairtail is rarely sold in plastic bags, and is basically simply frozen and sold.This way of processing is relatively simple and convenient, but the disadvantages are also very obvious, relatively short freshness.Once the freshness period passes, hairtail cannot be sold any more, so the merchants will choose to raise the price in order to make a profit.Second, the quantity of whole hairtail with good appearance and good meat quality is small and the fishing period is limited, which objectively results in the reality of “scarce things are expensive”.At present, it is difficult to fully realize artificial breeding of hairtail. Although deep-sea fishing technology has become more and more skilled, it is still impossible to guarantee that a large number of hairtail will not be scratched when caught on shore. Once the appearance becomes worse, it is difficult to increase the price.The quantity is small, the market demand is large, and the fishing period of hairtail is limited. Therefore, under the influence of comprehensive factors, the price of hairtail sold whole will be high.Third, the whole hairtail will be ordered in advance by customers, the number of sale on the market is less.This is also objective, because the taste of hairtail from different origins is not the same, like tight meat, and delicate taste of hairtail is almost not caught on shore has been robbed by customers, those hairtail selling as high as a few hundred yuan a catty is really genuine.Therefore, considering the above three aspects, sliced frozen hairtail is cheaper than the whole frozen hairtail, not only because of the appearance and meat quality, but also has a lot to do with the freshness period and customers’ actual demand for the product.As a common dish on our table, it is really suitable for young and old, nutritious and healthy.When we buy hairtail, we choose the commodity with the right price according to the actual demand. We do not blindly covet cheap price, nor blindly believe in high price. It is the wisdom of our life to spend the least money to buy the most satisfactory thing.