Taiwan editorial: The argument of co-existence with the virus is both naive and unrealistic

2022-05-01 0 By

Taiwan media commentary: the China times international Olympic Mick Dijon outbreak, Taiwan’s first line of defense did not hold, growing reports of new local confirmed cases, native by 27, at least 380 cases diagnosed this year, worse community with article 6 of the transmission chain is unknown source of infection in dispute, each an unknown source of infection is a time bomb.While the whole nation was busy fighting against the virus, Su Tseng-chang, head of the administrative body, suddenly said to live with the virus. Tsai Ing-wen also said on Her Facebook page that 30 percent of omicron infections have no symptoms and 70 percent are mild, which seems to be paving the way for the relaxation of epidemic control.However, Taiwan does not have the conditions to coexist with the virus. If the DPP authorities really want to turn a corner, they risk people’s lives.This wave is the same as that of May last year.Including the lack of immediate and comprehensive nucleic acid screening upon entry into Taiwan, and the inadequate clearance training of airport staff, the virus quickly spread out of the airport through this breach.Obviously, “Taiwan Epidemic Command Center” underestimated the infectio of Omicron, the management of the front line is not strict enough, careless and negligent, resulting in a series of outbreaks in the local epidemic, every day there are new transmission chain of unknown sources of infection.The epidemic is about to break out and we are still trying our best to contain it, but Su Zhenchang and Chen Jianren are talking about coexisting with the virus, and Tsai Ing-wen also listed the case analysis. Do you want the public not to panic too much, or do you want to reassure the public that it is not serious and get used to it?The problem is that the shift to co-existence in Europe and the United States is due to widespread vaccination, with some countries already giving a fourth dose.The number of hospitalizations and deaths caused by Omicron in the United States and The United Kingdom has exceeded the number of deaths caused by Delta. Therefore, European countries once again imposed control measures. Greece even imposed fines on those over 60 years old who refused to take vaccines.Deaths from omicron have been reported in neighbouring Singapore and Indonesia.At present, Taiwan’s vaccine is not fully ready, although the first dose is 80%, the second dose is more than 74%, but the third dose is only about 20%.In the first half of last year, it was impossible for ordinary people to get vaccinated due to improper vaccination policies of the CAI government.Because of the late inoculation, the time of the third dose was also delayed, and the “command center” saw that the situation was not good, so the policy made a sharp u-turn and cut the interval from five months to three months.Even so, the elderly still have 1/3 did not hit the second dose, but the elderly infected with the disease after the severe and mortality are higher, which has to make people pinch cold sweat.One of the “live with the virus” arguments is that omicron’s severity and mortality rates are as low as a cold’s, and there is no need to expend resources to fight it.However, large doses can also lead to more severe illness and death, as well as a heavy burden on medical resources, compared to the cold.Omicron has a fatality rate of 0.15 percent, much lower than the delta strain’s 2 percent, but is that what we want if it’s allowed to run around and cause more severe cases and deaths?Not to mention the mortality rate of omicron infection among those over 60 is 1.06%, which is not high enough in Taiwan.Young people may think they can live peacefully with the virus, but at a time when the elderly and the sick are less protected, that puts them at risk.If the epidemic prevention changes to collecting Buddhas and releasing animals, isn’t it killing animals?