Shandong people kowtow on their knees to pay New Year’s greetings. The rules left by the elders of the state of etiquette cannot be broken

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Every year New Year’s day, the ritual of shandong people rushed out, for it is not necessary to actually local black, shandong and henan, hebei, different wind thousands of miles to different customs, each region has its own customs, of course in some places even if local also have different customs and habits, is understandable.As a person from Hebei province near Shandong, I just wonder why shandong people are going to pay New Year’s greetings in groups.I had a chat with a friend in Shandong province, and he told me the reason. The way of Paying New Year’s greetings in Shandong province is that at the beginning of the New Year, all the family members, including children of several years old, would get up early and go to the village to pay New Year’s greetings to their elders, thus forming a spectacular scene in the short video.A group of men, led by an older man, would arrive at the home of an elder with the same surname, and the village elders would sit on chairs in the courtyard, waiting for the younger ones to bow down.In our hometown, men bow down to their parents and elders. The reason why it didn’t hit the hot search is that they fought as a team, and we are scattered soldiers, so it didn’t attract more attention.Shandong people bow down to pay attention to, only kneel ancestors and elders!Shandong people kneel very ritual sense, first of all, a family of men, to worship the ancestors, generally came to the family funeral hall or grave, set off fireworks, and then under the leadership of the family elders, a family of men kneel together to the ancestors.The next is to the elders of the village to kneel down, the same in the removal of the above elderly people led by the highest number of men, a family of men began to pay New Year’s visit, each to a home to the old people, please the ancestors of the family hall to kneel down!The elders, no matter old or young, as long as they are big enough will be respected to kneel down, even if you are three years old children but big, but also to accept more than ten or twenty years old than their own kneeling down.Small people in large numbers, there is a saying: radish is not big, long on the back (generation).The difference between Shandong and our hometown is that in our hometown, women are not allowed to bow down, just bow down, and shandong women must bow down like men.In Shandong men and women are not together New Year’s greetings, because men pay attention to what crispy, after the New Year to go, the next one, with the fastest speed to finish the New Year’s greetings this matter, in the village before ten to finish.Women always like to be a string of, more into family house sit down for a while after, melon seeds ke to drink some tea, take a look at Chinese New Year eat what good meal, if new wife just get married young in husband’s family for the first time for the holiday, they go in and have fun with this new customer for a while, and see what new wife to temperament, whether can into your circle of this help a woman in the future.We are a family to pay New Year’s greetings, but Shandong men and women never get involved, which is why brother Zhu Zhiwen and his former daughter-in-law Chen Yanan were criticized for sending a short video to pay New Year’s greetings last year.Father-in-law and daughter-in-law together New Year, do not say in Shandong such a state of etiquette, even anywhere in the country, is estimated to be unprecedented after no one, will be laughed at.As a celebrity, although he is a grassroots singer, he still lives in Zhulou Village. He has not divorced himself from the rural life and keeps the simplicity of a farmer, but he is in his fifties.Father-in-law and daughter-in-law still have to avoid suspicion of some things, some things can not be offside, should be the son Zhu Xiaowei to do their own let him, can not do everything for him.In addition to the different places for men and women to pay New Year’s greetings, shandong people also have a custom that women cannot sit at the table when there are guests at home.This in shandong guo Xiaodong’s wife Cheng Lisha detailed in a long article, when they married in their hometown in Shandong do the wedding, because Guo Xiaodong is not much of a local actor, people from far away to see the big city of the bride.After just getting married, the guests at home are quite many, Cheng Lisha is like a big favor to allow and men together on the table for dinner, which she also said it was a great honor.Cheng Lisha married a Shandong man when the daughter-in-law, often and husband Guo Xiaodong returned to shandong hometown to see her mother-in-law for a few days, catch up with the spring and autumn harvest and her husband to do farm work together, planting wheat corn is not a problem.But this is more like a city person to occasionally experience life in the countryside, just like people who have lived in big cities for a long time are willing to change the environment to eat some farm food and live in the fire kang of the countryside, for a temporary novelty.It’s another thing if you actually let her stay.”Mother-in-law and mother 2″ variety show, Guo Xiaodong asked his wife is willing to wait for his future not to take the opera retired back to Shandong for the mother pension problem, Cheng Lisha said not willing to return to Shandong can put her mother-in-law to Live together in Beijing, and said he was really not joking.”I couldn’t possibly love your hometown as deeply as you do,” she said.There is nothing wrong with this. Shandong cannot match Beijing’s convenience in all aspects.Everyone will not adapt to the way of life without their own habits, but also need courage.Finally, the shandong people kneel down, in fact, do not blame the provincial people to discuss this problem, the beginning of the video is not shandong people themselves come out of it?Shandong grand New Year ritual, directly across the entire network, also makes you go after this song, exclusive song became the shandong people, a family last-borns together ritual, her really scenes too shocked, directly to the screen on the entire video platform, netizens have also the domineering ritual of shandong people thumb up!For kneeling down this matter, my opinion is to respect the tradition, respect the customs left by ancestors, so that the year is more flavor, so that life has a sense of ceremony, very good!What do you think of the kneeling of Shandong people?Is there a genuflect in your hometown?Feel free to leave a comment.# New Year diary # article/Mu Zimo, pictures: from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete.I am Mu Zi mo, multi-platform millions of popular article author, I have a pen, only to write the warm and cold, if you also have a story, welcome to leave a message or private letter to tell me, I am waiting for you here.Never underestimate a woman’s determination to share weal and woe with you. For a dinner on New Year’s Eve, the old mother broke down: I will cook the dinner again next year, so don’t come back