People frequently spring to early wheat field management busy

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Li Xiangshen fertilizes wheat.Photo by Fan Ziheng (Fan Ziheng) On February 8, Li Xiangshen, a villager of Pobian Village, Shangqiao Town, Yancheng District, is busy fertilizing wheat field.After the Spring Festival holiday, the weather gradually warm, farmers take advantage of the good weather, seize the farming time, weeding wheat, fertilization and other field management.Spring wheat field management quietly opened.In the town’s high-standard grain demonstration base, many farmers drive tractors to deliver manure to wheat fields.Some farmers use deep ploughing fertilizer basket to fertilize fertilizer and improve fertilizer utilization rate;Some farmers spray pesticides and weed to kill insects.Li Xiangshen is a famous local farmer, contracted more than 200 mu of land, adopt unified seed supply, unified soil testing formula fertilization, unified tillage, unified pest control of the planting model, grain harvest year after year.Li Xiangshen happily said that this is agricultural science and technology to agricultural production brought changes.As the temperature rises, the wheat has turned green.Agricultural technology departments of yancheng City actively organize agricultural technicians to go into the fields and guide farmers to conduct wheat field management.Agricultural experts remind that the current spring wheat field management is the key period.Last winter, our city dry little rain, resulting in some wheat seedlings weak, thin seedlings.Farmers should do a good job in the management of wheat fields by classification, early watering and topdressing of weak seedlings, and control flourishing seedlings to turn strong.At the same time, we will do a good job in the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests such as sheath blight, stem rot and powdery mildew, as well as chemical weeding, and adhere to scientific management to ensure a good summer harvest.Editor: Huang Xiaoya Editor: Chen Xiangdang Final: Wang Zhongdong