A one-time payment for child support to the ex-wife, she comes to ask for money, should give?

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At the time of their divorce, Xiongxiong paid his ex-wife a lump sum of 70,000 yuan to support their children.Just led 5 years, ex-wife say money spent, still let xiong xiong pay, this money should give?The court considers that after divorce, parents still have the right and obligation to rear and educate their children.The agreement or judgment on a child’s living and educational expenses shall not prevent the child from making a reasonable request to either parent for an amount exceeding the amount originally agreed upon or decided upon.70,000 to raise the child from 2 years old to 18 years old, a month only 364 yuan, obviously lower than the normal life needs, so the child’s mother to ask the father to pay the alimony request is established, considering the child’s father’s economic ability and the actual living standard of the local, discretionary determination of the alimony increased to 700 yuan per month.