10 million!The Chinese women’s soccer team has won the gold medal, surpassing the men’s team

2022-05-01 0 By

China overcame South Korea 3-2 to win the Asian Women’s Cup in Beijing on Feb 7, completing the impossible and making most Chinese proud.And the match played well, The Chinese women’s football team will naturally have a reward harvest, a number of sponsors at the end of the match will give the Chinese women’s football team.According to Chinese media in Beijing, the prize money for the Chinese women’s soccer team will exceed 10 million yuan, which is more than the prize money for the Chinese men’s soccer team in the preliminary round of the World Cup.The Chinese women’s football team will receive a bigger bonus than the men’s team at the round of 12 after winning the Asian Cup, according to a plan confirmed by the Chinese Football Association.Chinese men’s soccer team in the world preliminary match win prize is to reach 6 million yuan, there are other details of the reward, as long as can win, a game of reward will not be less.On the other hand, The Chinese women’s football team has long been awarded less than the men’s football team, which once caused a lot of controversy, but now the situation has changed, the Chinese women’s football players, with their excellent performance has won more awards, more respect.”It is natural for the Chinese women’s football team to receive higher prize money than the men’s team because the Chinese women’s football team usually finishes better in Asian Cup and Olympic preliminary matches, and the men’s team is well known,” Beijing media said.China women’s and men’s soccer is a huge difference, the women’s Asian cup, the Chinese women’s team first, 8 match 3-1 the Vietnam team out, semi-finals following g experience penalties of up to six beat strong Japan – 5, and then there are the final against South Korea’s fightback, every game show resilience, and ultimately realize the title success.By contrast, China’s men’s national football team failed to qualify for the World Cup by losing to Vietnam, which it had not lost to in 62 years. Both the results and the players’ attitude and performance on the court were disappointing.Because of big difference, the Chinese women’s and men’s soccer fans long for the foot wide disparity between men and women of the prizes have great views, the Chinese women’s soccer team finally harvest a reward of tens of millions of level, or will be originally to soccer calls should be assigned to the women’s side, achievement good team to get more reward is right,Some netizens even suggested that each player on the Chinese women’s soccer team needs 10 million yuan.The netizen specifically said: “A team more than 10 million?Please give a person ten million, thank you.”Ten million per person !!!!Don’t group $10 million!Thank you very much!””Can I take it out of the men’s wages?”Each of these comments has been liked tens of thousands of times, which is enough to show that most fans are disappointed with the Chinese men’s football team and would prefer to see the women’s team rewarded with more money.After winning the Asian Cup, the Chinese women’s football team will fly a chartered plane back to China. After arriving in Shanghai, they will undergo testing procedures immediately and then be quarantined in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, where they will stay in the same hotel as the national team before.(Lin Xiaoshi)