Welsh Open: China will continue to play together, Lu Ning 1:1, Ding Junhui situation is good

2022-04-30 0 By

In the Welsh Open qualifying round, The Chinese stars continued to play together. Lu Ning started the first shot of the domestic players. She played 1:1 with her opponent in the first two rounds and was in good condition.Ding Junhui first round of promotion situation is good, face small gao Yang, the game will be on the 19th 21:00 on time, please pay attention to fans.The Welsh Open qualifying tournament is divided into two stages. The top 16 players, including Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao, will play in the second stage.Ding junhui joined the other 22 players in the first stage of the stage, to try to qualify;The result of the draw comes out smoothly, Ding Junhui has a Derby in the first round, facing little player Gao Yang, the promotion situation is good.Lu Ning is the first domestic players, the opponent is Li – Walker;The first game, Lu Ning quickly into the state, feel hot, score broken 100 smooth qingtai;In the second game, Li – Walker quickly started to establish a lead, Luning rushed to catch up, but the gap is too large, was pulled back by the opponent.The third game, two people into entanglement, once into a 48:45, Lu Ning behind the top, gradually complete the score over, again complete the qing, to 82:45 won the game, the score became 2:1.The fourth game, Luning started with 10 points, then the two entered the defensive phase;After a long stalemate, Luning extended his advantage to 46-0.From the first four games, Lu Ning maintained a good state, basically played out their level;The game through seven four wins to decide the outcome, hope Lu Ning can beat the opponent, for the Chinese army to win a red start.Ding Junhui has been absent from many matches in a row this season. In addition, he adjusted his condition and performed generally, leading to a significant decline in world ranking. The direct result is that he can participate in fewer and fewer events.This tournament is a rare opportunity for Ding Junhui to prove himself. Judging from the recent performance, The Chinese no.1 gradually got rid of the depressed state and showed a significant upward momentum. I hope Ding Junhui can seize the opportunity and return to the peak state.Luning now leads 3-2.