Shanghai: A blessing year for urban migrant children

2022-04-30 0 By

During the Spring Festival, in order to bring more warmth to migrant workers and their families, Shanghai Lianquan Public Welfare Foundation and Bailian Stock launched the Spring Festival public welfare action to support the “Treasure House” public welfare project.More than 30 stores of Bailian Stock set up exclusive care Spaces for children in the city, giving them a “blessing year”. At the same time, the “trickle-down effect” of public welfare was exerted to influence more people to voluntarily participate in public welfare and become a new force of “better society +1”.Treasure House is a safe, kid-friendly community children’s space that enables disadvantaged migrant children aged 1-12 to grow into healthy, loving and positive people by providing sustainable and diversified community children services.At the “Treasure House” activity site on the 3rd floor of the First Department Store business Center, Nanjing East Road, only 39 yuan can let a migrant child living in Shanghai get a week of loving company and participate in rich aesthetic education and sports courses.While giving their love, they can also draw a blind box.Jeremy Lin, Han Dongjun and Chen Xuedong will donate 3,000 yuan for every 3-pointer he shoots during the CBA season to support the “Treasure House” program.This public welfare activity also adopted the form of designated donation to help nearly 200 migrant children in the community to have a warm home in the city.In this safe and tidy “home”, children feel happy and confident with the guidance of teachers, volunteers to answer questions and companions.