Breathtaking!Child sticks his head out of sunroof for a joyride

2022-04-30 0 By

Cars with skylight is originally daylighting is ventilated the car better but some owners to it as “you” let the children to hang out for a ride but this is a very dangerous neighborhood Chen (12) source said today at about 4 o ‘clock yesterday afternoon he found a car in front of the drive by north loop when the skylight is poking out a head a see unexpectedly is a child carefully!!!!!”There must have been a mile or so of kids with their hands out, with their heads outside for more than a minute” sticking their heads out of the sunroof of a crowded car and not caring if they don’t know any better?Because during the rush hours, Mr. Chen said she can’t stop can only according to the two front horn to remind the owner but they didn’t pay attention to the whole process and no one stop children poke video scene very thrilling to see more ▼ recently, DV jun just reported that children will lean out skylight “drive” dangerous event ▼ “drill out” three children car sunroof frolic,Video scary!It is dangerous to these hazards happened in foshan city of zen on January 21, JiHua two road when a car on the road to normal in the process of driving but has three children will lean out days out of the window at the same time one of the boys are sitting on the roof directly above similar scenery “blank” have a lot of parents don’t make safety directly – 1 – girls look up to the roof”Play “-2- Girl out of window to do homework….News know more D “road traffic Safety Law implementation regulations” article 77 clearly stipulates: the passenger shall not extend any part of the body out of the car, violators can be given oral warning according to the relevant provisions of the above behavior, if you do not listen to the advice can be fined 5 yuan above 50 yuan below.Children are active and lively if parents don’t usually stop and guide let children will head or body out of the day window such behavior will not only be punished also could cause unpredictable consequences a small experiment tells you how big a power sunroof car skylight shape similar to a blade clamping force is quite amazing when closed for DV jun also gave us the popular science probes out of steamWhat are the dangers of the car sunroof? (1) When the vehicle brakes, if the emergency brake, the speed is too fast, an emergency brake may cause great trauma to the human body, light ribs broken, heavy fall out of the car!(2) when the vehicle is driving, if it encounters hard objects flying, high hanging objects and other situations, the head is also easy to be injured.③ When the vehicle is stationary, the skylight may suddenly close, resulting in head and neck injury.Children may not know the depth of life, but parents must know the seriousness, do not wait until the accident happens to regret, I hope every child can grow up safely and healthily, do not go out of the skylight!