China temporary third in figure skating team competition!Spring Onion bucket made a stunning debut, scoring a new ice dance record

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The figure skating team competition of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at the Capital Gymnasium on February 4.A new addition to sochi 2014, team figure skating is ranked based on the results of men’s single, women’s single, pairs and ice dance.In the first men’s singles short program, China sent Jin Boyang, the fourth place finisher in men’s singles at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, to compete.Jin used two pieces of music from the film crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.Throughout the competition, except for the second movement after the quadruple ice jump error, Jin Boyang’s other movements are not bad, 82.87 points, ranked the sixth place, for the Chinese team to get 5 points, “a little bit tight, but the whole is good.The second action is not handled properly, but the back is not affected, timely adjustment.The first set is a little bit tense, but then I will adjust and slide better and better.”At home, Jin boyang said he was proud to represent his country in the Capital Stadium, but as for the specific ranking or goal, he will not think too much, “I just want to do my best.One, don’t think about the number one, and two, don’t think about how the opponent is playing, just focus on your own technical moves and do your best.”It is worth mentioning that Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan did not compete in the short program, while Chen Wei of Chinese American scored 111.71 points with steady play and difficult moves, a new personal season best and ranked first.In the second rhythmic ice dance competition, China sent “Motor Engine” Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu to compete.Dressed in colorful costumes, the duo impressed the judges and the audience with their infectious performance to the strong rhythm of rock music. They scored 74.66 points, a new personal best of the season, ranking the fifth place and getting 6 points for China. “We miss this feeling of competition.Since we returned to China in 2020, we have rarely appeared in international competitions in the past two years and have been training through online courses.It wasn’t until I came to the Village this week to train and saw the coaches and teammates that I felt back.””I am very lucky, happy and proud to represent China on this court.And today is still the team competition, we want to try our best to get more points for the Chinese team, the ranking is the best to advance one.I am very satisfied with my performance without looking at the score.In the third pairs short program, China sent sui Wenjing and Han Cong to compete.Sui Wenjing and Han Cong scored 82.83 points in mission: Impossible 2, a new personal best of the season, beating Russian Olympic Committee duo Myhina and Galiyamov by 0.19 points to rank first in the field and get 10 points for China.”The atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger.We need to enjoy the moment, the experience of every moment.After all, not many people get to participate in a Winter Olympics at home. It’s very rare.””I hope the Winter Olympics will not only bring happiness to everyone, but I think it will also be a new starting point for more people to participate in snow and ice sports,” Sui said in an earlier interview.After three games, The Chinese team is currently in third place with 21 points.According to the schedule, the women’s singles short program will be held on February 6.According to the rules, the four points add up to give each team the final score for the short program (rhythmic dance).The top five teams qualify for free skating (free dance).The final ranking of each team will be determined by the total score of eight competitions in the short program (rhythmic dance) and free skating (free dance).The short program (rhythm dance) and the free skate (free dance) can send different competitors.The men’s free skate will take place on Feb. 6, while the pairs free skate, ice dance free skate and women’s free skate will take place on Feb. 7.