Cherry prices plummet to welcome big cherries

2022-04-29 0 By

Recently, the price of “noble” cherry fruit has dropped a lot, and the relevant news has been hot search on Weibo.In some places, the price of cherries is almost “halved” compared with the festival, the Spring Festival before 10 catties to 400 yuan, now 10 catties as long as 200 yuan.Consumer Ma told yangtse Evening News reporter, recently she obviously felt the change in the price of cherries.During the Spring Festival, Ms. Ma placed an order for 4J Chilean cherries on a platform. At that time, she spent 249 yuan to buy a box with a specification of 5 kg.On February 11, she bought 4 jin of Chilean cherries on the same platform. The grade was also 4J, and the actual price was 147 yuan.In less than two weeks, the unit price of the same grade of cherries dropped from 49.8 yuan per jin to 36.75 yuan, the price per jin dropped more than 13 yuan, down nearly 30%.However, Ms. Ma thinks the cherries she bought two times are not quite the same in color and taste, and the second time she bought them is not as fresh as the first time.In the morning of February 14, a reporter from Yangzi Evening News came to a xianfeng fruit store in jianye district, Nanjing. In front of the store, a cherry area placed in boxes is very conspicuous.The shop assistant told reporters that the store is selling Chilean imports of 3J grade cherries, a box of 10 jin of the price is 258 yuan, loose selling is 28 yuan a jin.Before and during the Spring Festival, a box of 10 jin costs 360 yuan, while bulk sales cost 39.8 yuan a jin.By contrast, the price of each box of cherries dropped 102 yuan, and the cherries sold in bulk dropped about 12 yuan per kilogram.Just over a week after the Chinese New Year holiday, why has the price of cherries dropped so much?Yangtze Evening News reporter learned that now the sale of cherries has come to the end, to the end of a clear goods.In a binguo fruit supermarket in jianye district, the reporter saw only a few empty boxes and cherries were sold out.The shopkeeper said, “The cherries are at the end of their season.Now the goods on the market are not very good, our family will not enter, after a period of time domestic big cherry will be on the market.”The owner of aishang Fresh Fruits in Jianye District, Nanjing city, told the Yangzi Evening News, “Recently cherries are coming to an end, the price is cheaper, but the quality is not as good as it was when the market started, the taste is not fresh and delicious.”Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Xu Jing