You can control any situation in a conversation.

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Hello, everyone, I’m hand brother, today I’ll talk to you about how to get yourself into the chat state, to help you hold any chat situation.If you are an introvert and inarticulate person, it takes a lot of social experience to be confident, comfortable, and outgoing when you go to a stranger’s party. It takes a lot of social experience to get into the situation quickly. Introverts and poor communicators tend to be passive when socializing.Can’t open up, can’t open up the subject, afraid of the other person’s reaction will be embarrassed?It’s a common situation with these friends. If someone can set the mood and bring you down, you’ll probably let it go. If you don’t have good feedback, you’ll become anxious and afraid that you won’t be able to perform well.Unlike extroverts who can take the initiative to attack and quickly mobilize the atmosphere and topic of the scene, extroverts with a strong energy field are generally able to quickly integrate into the scene in any social occasions.Remember if you have a friend or if you have seen someone like this, like a fish in water at a party, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water, like a fish in water.Sometimes, some people even feel a sense of pressure, which is a kind of internal energy, you may not see it, but you can feel it, just like the Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball. When they explode, their whole body will glow with yellow light, and the strong aura will make you feel the warmth of sunshine.Again, I’m not trying to force you to go from introverted to extroverted, but I’m trying to teach you how to mobilize your energy state so that you can cope with social interaction, not avoid it. As social animals, it’s hard to avoid the need to communicate and socialize.So how do you learn to chat like an extrovert?First, let’s talk about the principle of enhancing energy. How to adjust energy in a short period of time to create a high state, which can help you quickly blend into strange social occasions. I have experienced it countless times, and I have also given it to my friends and students.Have you ever been to a noisy bar, a crowded scene, a concert or a sports event, or a large square event? Are you more or less affected by the atmosphere of the scene? Even if you are very silent at the beginning, you will gradually be led to feel a bit high.This kind of high is actually because you to some extent into the state, from the physiological point of view of your body through the external stimulation of the kidney gland, the above makes you feel excited and happy, this time your spirit belongs to a high excitement, high-speed operation process, at this time you will become very myself.Your speech and behavior are more or less automatically following the natural tendency of your body, and more often than not, when you’re drunk but not drunk, when you’re excited, you’ll often do things that you wouldn’t normally do or be braver than when you’re sober.Please recall the various situations in which you or your friends have been drunk. What I am referring to here is a state that can be narrowly interpreted socially as a source of pleasure, like the musical fountain in some square, which brings pleasure to passers-by and visitors.If you can do the same, you can draw others’ attention and invite them to join you in the fun.And if you are not in the state, you will not be able to convey your enthusiasm and energy to the other party, that is, when you need to seek happiness from others, then you will be restrained, difficult to integrate into the scene, not confident, can not let go, how to achieve after understanding this state?The way to get into this high state is as I said earlier, the way to get into the high state is because the kidney glands are produced by the body through external stimulation, and to get the body to respond quickly, you can warm up in advance, as you all know, you need to do some warm-up exercises before you exercise, short periods of low intensity activity.To increase body temperature, improve blood circulation in order to adapt to the coming intense exercise, avoid or reduce unnecessary exercise injuries, if you are not an energy person, also need to warm up, let the body produce the right amount of hormones.Method three points: the first exercise warm-up method, the second consecutive 7 people greeting method, the third appropriate use of alcohol method, the first exercise warm-up method, before entering the social place, estimate may also walk five to ten minutes of distance, you, then you can slowly trot all the way over.Or if the event is on a higher floor, you can take the elevator instead of taking the stairs or walking a few floors.Those of you who have had the same experience will know that after you run or climb the stairs, you will feel a little hotter and your mood will be a little higher than usual.You will feel the body blood circulation to speed up, that means you have warmed up, you can also listen to on the road at the same time a few more inspirational hot-blooded songs, auxiliary to mobilize their emotions, a warm-up to prepare ahead of time, your mood will become to a social gathering, excited, people in the excited state, don’t talk too much about, is easy to break the ice immediately, the second:7 people in a row hello method, why continuous.For example, you just start to stumble on the ice rink, after getting familiar with the feeling, as long as a little force forward, slide some, you will keep sliding forward, not stop, because continuous greeting can make you have a chat inertia, movement, and the concept of physics is a similar truth.Conversation inertia here refers to when you get into the mood, you will not stop because of your high emotional energy, also known as high, high, is excited, you, if you can enter this excited state every time you talk to others, your brain will automatically work at high speed.You will say what you think, and even what you say may not be nutritious, but you can still communicate well with the other party and have an active atmosphere, because you are not transmitting information, but transmitting emotions. After chatting with you, the other party will generally remember the current warm atmosphere but not necessarily the specific content of your conversation.Before or after entering a social occasion, the first person you meet starts to say hello. Security guards, cleaners, aunts, salespeople, taxi drivers, reception staff at the door and so on can all take no account of any feedback from the other party. If the other party responds coldly, you can say that it doesn’t matter to yourself and change to 123 axis.If the feedback is good, the other party also takes the initiative to talk with you, you will naturally chat a few words, talk to really have nothing to say, say goodbye, and then continue to meet the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, n person to talk, some people may start to enter the state of the third person, talk, can not listen to down.Weak people may need the tenth person to feel, but it does not matter, you will gradually adapt to the third appropriate with the aid of alcohol, have heard borrow wine, courage, the right amount of alcohol can make you quickly excited, after entering the occasion, continuous greeting will be cold, very frustrated.You can also find an alcoholic beverage in the convenience store or at the party in advance, drink some of it in appropriate amount, and then continue to cooperate, keep dealing with people, say hello, communicate, can also play a role of slowly open the state, find the feeling of hi.Finally, there are three ways for you to quickly enter the chat: first, exercise warm-up, second, seven people in a row to say hello, and third, appropriate use of alcohol. Through the use of the above three methods, you will find magical things appear, even if you do not know anyone in this occasion.But you become the center of attention, everyone is around you, everyone thinks you have passion, you have energy, you have aura, you are like the sun shining on everyone, you are like a flame attracting moths, you are like a star in your head, everyone wants to talk to you, once you get into the zone.You will find that you are a very, very confident person at the scene, temporarily blocking the generation of negative thoughts, you will appear to be in a state of whatever you want to talk about, very relaxed, very happy, very comfortable feeling, as long as you experience once, you will understand.This method with a single experience, you will know the art than others one hundred chat skills to teach you to use one thousand times, of course, if you are a negative, negative thinking heavy friend, may need to practice a few times more to slowly adjust, about this topic, we can share here, if there are inspired to you,Hope to move your finger to point a “like”, or share with more friends, more specific operation skills will be shared with you one by one in the follow-up.