Rare snow hit Dongchuan power supply staff quick response to achieve service “0” complaints

2022-04-28 0 By

On February 2, 2022, a strong cold wave struck Dongchuan, Kunming, and dongchuan power grid suffered serious impact and test.Kunming dongchuan southern power grid power supply bureau launched the emergency response organization strength rapidly and fault repair work, which restored almost half of the day, low-voltage power supply customer, Feb. 3, in less than seven hours after bao tong road, vehicle machine quick deployment, equipment materials in place, all achieved all nine of 10 kv fault line wired successfully,A total of 207 medium-voltage users and 11,811 low-voltage users were restored, which was the fastest in previous years.On the same day, Dongchuan power supply bureau planning department manager Yuan Hongbin, construction management department manager Chen Ming and other 40 off-duty personnel on the same day, in the cold wave immediately said goodbye to their families, overcome the difficulties of highway closure, driving back to Dongchuan in advance to participate in emergency treatment.Rescue class Huang Shiwei, Ji Xiaopeng and other staff on duty, “give up the small home, for everyone” stick to the front line, to ensure that dongchuan urban people happy New Year!Zhou Daojun of battalion distribution command Center, as the on-duty manager, has been carrying out efficient organization at his post and fighting continuously for 28 hours since the strong cold wave hit on February 2.In order to timely troubleshoot on-site faults, the operation and maintenance personnel of The Tepco distributed all over the country walked more than ten kilometers of the mountain road patrol line under the condition of road closure, which won precious time for the subsequent quick repair and power restoration.In the face of the test of the widest range and the largest amount of snow in 15 years, after scientific deployment and safe and effective disposal, the blizzard emergency service successfully achieved “0” complaints.At the same time, thanks to the close attention to the distribution transformer load changes, completed 36 sets of heavy overload load adjustment before the Spring Festival, the New Year’s Eve has continued to maintain the transformer “0” fault rare achievement.Kunming Daily all media reporter: Miao Yaping Correspondent: Yuan Hongbin Li Jianbing Editor: Yang Rui Editor: Zhou Xiaoxue final: Zhou Jianjun