No tickets!The first Taoist temple in eastern Sichuan, overlooking the beautiful scenery of mountain city, in the main city!

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Chongqing, as a mountain city, has unique scenery, but also a tree on nanshan Mountain, One Huali, golden eagle and other famous scenic spots to enjoy chongqing night scenery.Today, we recommend the southern area of the tourist attractions – Lao Jun cave.It is not as famous as the Southern Mountains, but has comparable beauty, and can also burn incense, worship Buddha, ask for help.Take a ride on Huangjueya Street, you can go back and forth in a day!Laojun Cave Taoist Temple & AMP;Laojun Cave, Huangjuya Old Street, is an old Taoist temple in Chongqing and also the first Taoist temple in eastern Sichuan. It has a history of more than 1300 years.The Taoist temple, built on the hillside, is a great place to see the scenery, with its thriving incense and numerous historical sites.Here you can burn incense, worship Buddha, 10 yuan for signing.There are mainly Guanyin Hall, Sanqing Hall, five road temple of wealth, Cihang Hall, seven true hall, jade Emperor hall and so on.It is said that the laojun cave sign is very effective, responsive, the New Year there are a lot of people to wish, marriage is also very accurate, there are a lot of people will come here to pray.The scenery along the way is very beautiful, fresh and natural, when the weather is good, you can see the scenery on the mountain, overlooking the Yuzhong Peninsula, chongqing mountain city scenery in a glance, magnificent and beautiful.At noon and evening, we can eat fast food. On the road, there are many fortune-tellers with eight-character characters, and stall vendors with traditional folk art of “painting sugar figurine”. It is like dreaming back to childhood!Huangjueya Old Street, located near Daoguan in Laojundong, enjoys the name of Ficus Virens on both sides of the road. It dates from the Tang Dynasty and rose in the Song and Yuan Dynasties with a history of one thousand years.There are three MAO’s former residence exhibition hall, Xie courtyard, Guizhou Chamber of Commerce hall, Yunnan Mountain Hall and other historical buildings.The old streets and alleys are full of the local flavor of old Chongqing. There are 175 Bayu style buildings on both sides, which are unique and have pleasant scenery.Huangjueya Old Street is very beautiful at night, which seems to overlap with the scene of spirited Away. In 2020, Huangjueya old Street and Danzishi Old Street were awarded “The most beautiful Streets and alleyways in Chongqing”.Tickets: free line: take rail transit line no. 6, “on new street station, change to the 346 bus,” chongwen crossroads “bus station, walk 400 meters to arrive if enough time, also can walk to a nearby hill, a tree as a web celebrity famous scenic spot, is a reward night will go to chongqing attractions, see mountain beauty, feel the bustling chongqing.Laojundong road temple is conveniently located in the main city of Chongqing. It is a good place for chongqing citizens to enjoy leisure and entertainment.During the Spring Festival, choose a good weather, come to nanshan Laojun cave exercise, pray for it!