Linyi Social Welfare Center: Different Spring Festival is also strong

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Spring Festival arrived, most of the children are in the thick family to enjoy the joy of the New Year, and in real life, there is such a group of special children, they have no relatives, some even do not have a healthy body, they need more warmth and social care.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the reporter walked into the Social welfare center of Linyi city to see how the children there welcomed the Spring Festival.Make an appointment in advance, test nucleic acid, query itinerary, bright code, temperature measurement, disinfection…Through several strict epidemic prevention and control checkpoints, the reporter was able to step into the linyi social welfare center gate.Yizhanzhan red lanterns hung up, festive Spring Festival couplets and the word “fu” affixed, there are strings of beautiful things in eyes of the Spring Festival hanging ornaments, the welfare center decorated with full flavor of the New Year.In the morning of January 27th, more than ten children were divided into three groups in the activity room on the third floor of the children’s area.”Students, why do we stick couplets on the Spring Festival?””For good luck!””Very well said!Just for a good omen!”After the interaction, four boys aged about 10 began to learn to write Spring Festival couplets at their desks. They were meticulous, slow and careful in writing, tracing their best wishes and wishes with one stroke.On the other side, under the guidance of the teacher’s hand in hand, several children took the ink roller brush to learn rubbing, dipped in ink in the hollow carving stereotype rolling back and forth smear evenly, soon, a different shape of the word “fu” appeared in front of the children, very proud.Although not flesh and blood, still parents heart.In order to let the children have a happy and satisfied year, the city’s social welfare center made great efforts, not only prepared all kinds of vegetables, meat, fruit and snacks, but also bought New Year gifts for the children, and carefully planned a series of activities with the theme of “Happy New Year, healthy Year of the Tiger”.”Kid, don’t you greedy, laba is the year…”On the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, a “Love Laba warm childlike innocence” activity opened the “busy year” mode.Welfare center all staff action, check safety, cleaning, send warmth, prepare supplies……”Not only to let the children eat well, but also to let the children play well, the welfare center to carry out a variety of activities, so that children in a happy and festive atmosphere to welcome the Arrival of the Spring Festival.”City social welfare center rehabilitation wang Yi introduced, since January 20, the joy of the Spring Festival six activities have been carried out, set five blessings, printing the word “blessing”, do lanterns, do egg tarts, dumplings, make sugar hulu, wear new clothes video……The children are having fun, and they will leave behind happy, warm and happy childhood memories.Spring Festival is a time for family reunions, and for workers at social welfare centers, no matter what the holiday, it is a holiday without a holiday.As the Spring Festival approaches, the children who have been to school outside come back to the “base camp” for the winter vacation, the welfare center is busier than usual, and the responsibilities of the staff are heavier.”On New Year’s Eve, the welfare Center will prepare a sumptuous dinner for the children. We will have the dinner with the children to share the joy of the New Year and accompany the children to have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival!”Wang yi said.Present newspaper melt media reporter Wang Deqiu