It’s official!Zhao Rui zhang Hao returned, Zhu Fangyu looking for big foreign aid, Du Feng gave up Zeng Fari

2022-04-28 0 By

Guangdong Hongyuan difficult through the second phase, in the short window period, Guangdong team did not relax themselves, many players in a short rest, quickly returned to the team training.Zhao Rui, who suffered an ankle injury earlier, has appeared in the field for teaching games, a variety of breakthroughs, three points, violent dunk, showing an excellent physical state, the third stage return has become a foregone conclusion.Zhang Hao has also returned to the team, this window will continue to follow guangdong Hongyuan training.In the third phase of personnel deployment, Du Feng will also reduce certain personnel, in the case of The return of Zhao Rui and Zhang Hao, Zeng Fari will be abandoned, in addition, Zhu Fangyu will continue to look for big foreign aid, to strengthen the weak board inside.In Zhao Rui’s absence, the guangdong tigers backcourt rotation is very difficult, because Du Feng, Vince, Ren Junfei Jeff and others window for international duty, the guangdong tigers of the window of the training plan is disrupted, and players into the fatigue period, in the face of liaoning, Shanghai, construction team, the guangdong tigers are suffered a defeat, rotation is too nervous.After The return of Zhao Rui, will strengthen the strength of the backcourt rotation, in the face of Guo Ailun, Sun Minghui and other national players, Zhao Rui’s defense will be a great help to Guangdong.Zhang Hao missed the second stage of the match because of ankle sprain, which made Du Feng very disappointed. In the first stage of the window, Guangdong players were too relaxed in the training without Du Feng, and did not train according to the requirements of the head coach, which led to zhang Hao’s situation.As one of guangdong’s key players, Zhang hao has excelled in defense, averaging 5.2 points, 3.1 rebounds and 0.7 blocks in 14.3 minutes per game this season. Compared with the performance of Zeng Fari and Wang Xinkai, Zhang Hao will be used by Du Feng in the third stage.With zeng’s current performance, it’s hard for him to make the 12-man rotation roster, and he may have to spend the third phase on the bench. If there is no injury to the inside player, Du Feng will not give Zeng a chance to play.Compared to liaoning, Shanghai, construction and other champions league team, the guangdong tigers inside rotation there is a big problem, yi jianlian condition gradually warming, there is a big hidden trouble, but he’s physical reference introduced operation, Thompson believe fangyu zhu in the window period will introduce a blue-collar foreign aid, to help reduce yi inside defensive pressure.