Huang Xiaoming, pictured with his cousin Chen Meng, has been able to be honest with his family after his divorce from Baby

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On February 3, 2022, Chen Meng, the women’s table tennis singles champion at the Tokyo Olympic Games, posted a photo with her cousin Huang Xiaoming on her weibo, saying, “On the third day of the Chinese New Year, I wish everyone a happy life with my cousin.”Huang later retweeted the post: “Wish you all good luck with my cousin.”The Cousins finally got together. After Chen won the Tokyo Olympics last year, Huang xiaoming posted a message on weibo saying, “Chen’s cousin is at home preparing a reception dish.”However, when a reporter interviewed Chen Meng later, Chen meng said that she had not eaten any of huang xiaoming’s dishes because Huang was too busy.If only Huang Xiaoming was busy, he could meet Chen Meng as long as he was not busy.The problem is that Chen Meng is also very busy. The National Games will be held immediately after the Olympic Games. When Huang Xiaoming has time, Chen Meng has no time.Wu Qinggong, a non-famous entertainment critic, pointed out: This Spring Festival, Huang Xiaoming and Chen Meng finally met.The reunion of Huang xiaoming and Chen Meng took another turn — Huang xiaoming and Angelababy officially announced their divorce.If Huang Xiaoming had not divorced baby, then Huang Xiaoming would have returned to his hometown Qingdao for the Spring Festival, and netizens would have asked “did the baby go?”On Feb 11 last year (New Year’s Eve), Huang xiaoming posted pictures on his micro blog of spending the Spring Festival with his mother and grandmother.At that time, some netizens questioned whether Huang xiaoming and Baby were divorced.And he’s been divorced for two years.On February 16 last year (the fifth day of the Chinese New Year), Huang xiaoming posted on his microblog: “Make dumplings by yourself, five kinds of dumplings, to welcome the God of wealth!Gong Xi CAI, guess which one is my bag?”The focus of netizens was not on which dumpling huang Xiaoming made, but on whether there was a baby among them.Apparently not. Baby’s hands are soft and tender. These guys have rough hands like men.So, that’s why Huang xiaoming and Baby officially announced their divorce before the Spring Festival.Huang Xiaoming can be with his family without fear of netizens leaving messages asking “has the baby gone to Qingdao?”As for Baby, she is also an actress. She is from Shanghai, so she can stay in Shanghai and spend the Spring Festival with her family.With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Internet users won’t have to wonder if they’re spending valentine’s Day together.On Valentine’s Day last year, the baby posted a series of selfies on weibo with the caption: “I heard today is a Western holiday, but luckily I’m from the south.I wish everyone a happy third day!”This is a meme that many single people play, probably by the time they are divorced.This year, both Huang xiaoming and Baby Baby can enjoy the “single Terrier”.Discussion: Do you think it’s a pity that Huang Xiaoming and Baby get divorced?