Henan province strengthens supervision over counterfeit cigarettes and e-cigarettes

2022-04-28 0 By

Anti-counterfeiting of tobacco is not only an important measure to guarantee fair competition and maintain market order, but also a key guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of tobacco industry.Yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial market supervision bureau, our province will continue to promote the comprehensive management of the tobacco market, strengthen cigarette counterfeit and e-cigarette supervision.We will continue to strengthen the crackdown on cigarette counterfeiting.Adhere to the anti-counterfeiting mechanism of “government-led, joint departments, multi-party participation and close cooperation”, strictly implement the responsibility system of the local government, take the initiative to dig for information and clues, carry out large-scale visits and investigations, analyze and analyze the rules of counterfeiting, and dig out hidden remnants.We will continue to strengthen routine oversight.Pay close attention to key areas, key periods of time, severely crack down on the sale of “fake private” cigarettes, selling sample cigarettes, operating without a license and other illegal activities.We will continue to strengthen the supervision of smoke-related activities in logistics.Organize joint law enforcement on a regular basis, vigorously investigate logistics distribution centers, freight yards, distribution centers and transfer stations of delivery enterprises and other areas.We will continue to strengthen regulation of e-cigarettes.We will implement the special work to clean up and punish the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and crack down on crimes related to e-cigarettes, and give full play to the role of internal and external coordination.Study the newly released E-cigarette Management Measures, timely communicate with the tobacco monopoly department, and do a good job in the implementation of e-cigarette regulation new policy.(Zheng Daily all-media reporter Li Aiqin)