China has made history by advancing to the second stage of the figure skating team event at the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-04-28 0 By Beijing February 6 (reporter Zhang Su Xu Peng Peng)Beijing (CNS) — China’s figure skating team won 22 points in the women’s short program at the Beijing Winter Olympics On Monday, ranking fifth.At the game.According to the rules, the team participating in the figure skating team should first send one/pair of men’s single, women’s single, pairs skating and ice dance to compete in short program/rhythm dance.Individual events will be awarded points based on their ranking, with 10 points being awarded for the first place, decreasing from there.After the points are added, the top five teams will advance to free skating/free dance.China had never advanced to the second stage of the team figure skating competition before.In Sochi, China was seventh;In Pyeongchang, China was sixth.At the game.Zhu Yi, representing China in the women’s singles short program, performed poorly, ranking last among the 10 contestants.”It happened so fast, I don’t even remember what happened,” she said. “When I finished the triple triple, I felt good. I thought I could do the triple triple, but unfortunately I didn’t.”When it comes to the triple loop jump, she said that she was affected by the failure of consecutive jumps, and she felt tired and stressed.(