“Beyond” Korea players malicious foul, coach Lee Kwi-min why not appeal to the referee group?

2022-04-28 0 By

By Li Gengxi, Hu Jun, Sha Yi, Tu Songyan, Ma Li, Mei Ting, Tong Yao, Zhang Guoqiang joint participation in the TV drama “Beyond” is about to usher in the final, in the updated plot, we will see the South Korean players malicious foul, causing north seriously injured.It is estimated that many viewers do not understand why coach Li Guimin did not appeal to the referee group?What do South Koreans think of Transcendence?In an updated episode of Beyond, we see south Korean players flagrant fouls on the field in an attempt to win.This kind of thing happens all the time, and the most interesting thing is that Korean players can do this to their own people.At the 2021 Short track Speed Skating World Cup, for example, two South Korean skaters were thrown out of the track after colliding with each other.There seems to be something wrong with Korean sportsmanship.I don’t know, what do Koreans think of the TV drama transcendence?The TV drama transcendence did not give Koreans face at all.The drama directly shows the performance of Korean players on the field.In particular, the South Korean player Who can speak Chinese, Yan Xiujing, was rated as the “smiling tiger” by the audience.She framed Him in the most despicable way.Many viewers do not understand why coach Li Guimin did not appeal to the referee team?Why didn’t Li Guimin appeal to the judges?Many viewers might wonder why Lee gwi-min, the coach of the Korean national team, did not complain to the referee after seeing the foul.Because the cameras on the field can completely restore the truth of the whole incident.Take the short track Speed Skating World Cup in Almaty 1500 meters semifinal for example, the judges only through video replay, cancelled the result of The Korean athlete Choi Ji-hyun.As a result, many viewers felt that Lee should appeal to the judges.Should Li Guimin appeal to judge group after all?The answer should be no. Why?That’s because Korean players brazenly commit fouls on the court, all because they have home advantage.Even if Lee appealed to the judges, the judges would only cancel Kim’s individual score.As Li said: “To avoid this kind of thing, you should improve your performance so that your opponent has no chance to foul.”Should Chen Mian be held responsible for the northward injury?In the updated episodes, we learn that Li Guimin laid out strategy and tactics for Xiang North and Chen Mian.Chen Mian’s duty is to ensure that the north is not surpassed by others.But to the north and Chen Mian love with sisters, how can not see the injustice of Chen Mian heart to the north.So the two reached a private agreement.Is in the chance to win the case, Chen Mian can also strive forward.It was because of this agreement between the two that the South Korean players found an opportunity to frame north Korea.Estimate, a lot of audience will think north injury, is Chen Mian’s fault.After all, she was young and had plenty of opportunities.She should not have made a private appointment with Xiangbei, but should have played according to the coach’s instructions.But in my opinion, this is not to blame Chen Mian, blame Chen Mian and Xiang Bei too young, overestimate the Korean athletes’ sportsmanship.I don’t know what you think of the TV series “Beyond”.Welcome to leave your comments.