Zoomlion: The industrial new town of 10,000 mu is now in embryonic form

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Zoomlion Smart Industry City project covers an area of about 10,000 mu with a total investment of about 100 billion yuan, of which more than 23 billion yuan is invested by solid investment.This project gathers the mature equipment manufacturing industry of Zoomlion in five parks in Changsha, forming an advanced manufacturing industry cluster with four host parks, four key component centers, six national research and innovation platforms and an international standards secretariat as the core.Changsha Evening News On February 17 (all media reporter Zhou Huixia) 16 days, the continuous spring rain in heaven and earth pulled out a mist curtain.Zhonglian Smart Industry City, one of the “five ten” projects of Changsha city, is located here, 16 or 17 kilometers west from Juzizhou Bridge, along the two-way six-lane Naqiu Road.Bristly tower crane, towering plant, busy construction team, along the way a busy scene show in front of the reporter.According to Dong Jun, assistant president of Zoomlion, construction of zoomlion Smart Industry City headquarters and three smart manufacturing parks started in late September last year, following the first construction of the excavation machinery park at the end of August 2019.Zoomlion reasonably scheduled the construction and synchronously followed up the construction of supporting services. At present, the foundation construction of the whole project has been basically completed and the industrial new town has taken shape. It is expected that there will be several new products offline within the year.On April 15, 2020, when the first steel structure column of the whole project took deep roots in the first opening area — the excavation machinery intelligent Manufacturing Park, the reporter’s eyes were still a piece of flat yellow land.Standing in the same place today, I can feel the beauty of the deep and elegant industry by looking at the 17-meter-high factory buildings built by each column, embellished with lush lawns and newly planted gardens.The park covers an area of about 1300 mu.In the different size of the production plant room through, fell into the reporter’s line of sight is a busy picture of work: blanking, welding, machine workshop, installation personnel are carrying out production line installation;In front of the office building factory, the construction personnel installed the facade on the high platform;Debugging workshop, production line workers or under the excavator or on the engineering ladder, the product quality inspection;In front of many factories, cleaning personnel wipe the 5-meter-high glass curtain wall.”The park has been fully completed and is expected to be fully put into operation by the end of June this year. At that time, the average speed of one excavator every six minutes will greatly increase the market share of Changsha equipment products.”Dong jun said.In the distance, crackling firecrackers sounded.”This is another construction team of the aerial working machinery Park entering after the festival.As the Lunar New Year is over, the number of construction workers will increase from 1,500 to 3,000 by the end of the month.Dong Jun introduced.Reporter’s line of sight along the direction of sound, through the front of an isolation lawn belt, far to see a steel structure buildings.If the weather is favorable, the first platforms are expected to roll off the line here in April.In late September last year, the headquarters of Zoomunion Smart Industry City and three intelligent manufacturing parks (aerial working machinery park, concrete pumping machinery Park and engineering lifting machinery Park) started construction. The whole project entered full construction period, and the projects of each park and headquarters building are advancing comprehensively according to the established plan.Dong Jun introduced, at present, the concrete pumping machinery park has been lifted more than 6000 square meters, is expected to have products in September assembly line.The engineering lifting machinery park is undergoing foundation construction and is expected to be fully put into operation by the end of next year.The headquarters building project has been basically completed, and it is expected to be capped by the end of this year and meet the requirements for commissioning in June next year.”We overcame the adverse effects of the cold and rainy weather in Changsha, worked with wall charts, grasped the weather, reasonably arranged the indoor and outdoor construction period, and arranged personnel and equipment in an orderly manner. Now the foundation construction of the whole project has been basically completed, laying a solid foundation for the completion of the project as scheduled, and the industrial new town has taken shape.”Dong jun said.Workshop or ecological plant landscape to a web celebrity clock to gather zoomlion in changsha city five big park the maturing of the equipment manufacturing industry, and add some strategic emerging industries and key parts and components industry, vanda wisdom industry city will be the core of the zoomlion future development carrier, is leading force of changsha construction machinery industry transformation and upgrading.Where is that leadership?The whole project highlights the concept of intelligent, ecological and international industrial upgrading, and will become the only industrial park in the world to realize the whole technological process.This concept becomes tangible as the project progresses.Taking green ecology as an example, the mountains in the west of the project are covered with shrubs and green plants, showing the vitality of spring.Dong jun said there will be a rare landscape factory building in the history of global industry.The plant will integrate ecological landscape and industrial manufacturing, covering an area of nearly 300 mu.After it is completed, people will see the undulating green mountain far away, and the production plant is under the mountain, which is very likely to become another Internet hot spot of Changsha industrial tourism.The industrial beauty of the building can be felt by walking up huangqiao Avenue or Naqiu Road.Walking around this futuristic industrial city, the ecological landscape is everywhere.In the equipment workshop of Zhongda Excavation, the vibrant lavender flat stretches out a romantic atmosphere. The completed workshop is surrounded by a circle of lush green grass, and the mountain and water area retained in the new town of 10,000 mu is nearly 4,000 mu.”Through smart management, the park will be borderless, senseless and error-free. People will not see borders or walls, but only factories and trees.”Dong Jun introduced.The unseen ecology is hidden in workshop after workshop.Eight lighthouse factories, more than 350 intelligent production lines and more than 600 patented production lines will lead and promote the green development of the industry from various dimensions such as product life cycle, manufacturing process and industrial chain, leading the development of the industry in the next 20 years.As a city rises, everything looks new.Reporter hand notes city rises, industry is xing strong provincial capital must xing industry.Industry – oriented urban development, more external vitality and core competitiveness.From the launch of the project in 2019, to the construction of the first park, to the full-scale construction of the headquarters and three intelligent manufacturing parks, the blueprint has gradually become a real scene, which is the transformation of this exurb in the west of Changsha city into a new urban area.Every visit, I hear the sound of urban jointing growth.Far from changsha, the site is a corner of fenglin Road 3 and Huangqiao Road.Now, two spacious municipal roads, Naqiu Road and Cedar Road, directly connect to the project site.The traffic pattern of “three horizontal and two vertical”, with three east-west kangzhuang avenue and north-south Huangqiao Avenue and Yueji Road, lifts a highland of industrial development in the west of Changsha city.Every time I visit, I feel the great power of industrial development.I remember the first time I went for an interview. The reporter circled around the project twice before finding a convenience store selling petroleum.Today, the real estate opposite the project has sprung up, with schools, chain convenience stores, kindergartens, markets and other supporting facilities increasingly complete.On Naqiu Road, newly opened to traffic in 2021, buildings stand side by side and industrial communities emerge.According to the development expectation, after the completion of the project, it is expected that the total annual output value will exceed 100 billion yuan and more than 30,000 jobs will be created.We can imagine how this industrial gathering place will produce a huge “magnetic attraction effect”.Zoomlion Smart Industry New Town, which is under construction, is gathering people to form a river and an ocean, and is building mountains along the fine soil, helping Changsha to become an important advanced manufacturing highland in China.