Will rockets have a bright future?Stone praised the rookie, Hugh city gradually established rebuilding ideas

2022-04-27 0 By

Despite their poor record, the Rockets still have plenty of young players to nurture, with Jaylen Green, Alperen Shin Kyung and Jayshawn Tate being named to the Rookie Challenge earlier in the day, a high recognition from the league.Meanwhile, Kenyon Martin Jr. and Josh Christopher jr., two rookies who didn’t make the cut, have grown up fast, to be fair.Rockets general manager Rafael Stone was also pleased to have three players on the roster for the rookie game.Speaking to the media, Stone said all three players are talented and deserve it.The rockets have a bunch of young guys who are excited, believe in the future, and have a basic framework for how to build this team.Looking back, the rockets did a pretty good job in the draft last year.Jaylen – green, despite his ups and downs, is talented and is seen as a key part of the rockets’ future.Alperen Shin Kyung may not have a ceiling high enough to be a star player for now, but the ceiling is solid, and both made the rookie Challenge roster.Josh Christopher is also getting better and better, now firmly in a major rotation position, showing his versatility.In other words, of the four picks the Rockets picked last year, with the exception of Usman garuba, who can’t be counted on in the short term, the other three have been able to provide stable support for the team, which is quite commendable.And even though it’s going to be an off-draft year, it’s good for a rebuilding team to get a high pick and add a potential supernova.In addition to their own draft picks, the Rockets could acquire first-round picks from the Wizards, Nets, Trail Blazers and Bucks by releasing Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Robert Covington and P.J. Tucker, all of which would be future assets.Not to mention the fact that the Rockets are actively touting several veteran players and, if successful, more young players or draft picks.The rockets are so short of talent right now that even casual fans, let alone professional management, can see it.Obviously in the next 2-3 years, the rockets will carry out a big roster purge, get more dynamic young players, the future they will have a storm of youth.