The number of cadres from Sichuan province to study in Zhejiang will double this year

2022-04-27 0 By

“This year, our province will organize the selection and dispatch of 150 section-level cadres to zhejiang for temporary training, and 50 section-level cadres below to Zhejiang for study, and establish the green channel of daily health management and emergency channel of major medical treatment for cadres from Zhejiang to Sichuan for the first time, to effectively protect the health of cadres to Sichuan…”On April 1, the reporter learned from the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee that, in order to steadily promote the deployment requirements of the east-West cooperation and matching support in the new stage of development, the organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee has officially issued the “Key Tasks of the Cooperation and matching support for Cadres and Talents in Zhejiang province in 2022” (hereinafter referred to as the “Key Tasks”).Make arrangements for the key work of cooperation between the east and west of Zhejiang and Sichuan and pairing support for cadres and talents.Docking in the implementation of the “key task” from the perfect coordination mechanism, the norm in the cadre personnel credentials the exercise, make overall education training intellectual support and practical supervision service four aspects of strengthening management, confirm the key to the 10 year, this is the first in the province level for sichuan to east and west collaboration and counterpart support cadre personnel’s annual key work for unified deployment and arrangement.”In order to effectively do a good job in the cooperation between the east and west of Zhejiang and Sichuan and the pairing support work, and promote this work to go deep and solid, Sichuan also deepened and expanded some work this year.”Related person in charge of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee told Sichuan Observer reporters that compared with previous years, this year Sichuan has made innovative arrangements in the fields of work coordination, talent training, cadre education and training, and care and incentive policies.It is reported that in order to form a joint force to help the work, this year Sichuan for the first time will “deepen the cooperation of Zhejiang and Sichuan organization system” and “strengthen the coordination of relevant departments within the province” into the annual key task category.In order to provide more exchange and learning opportunities for sichuan cadres, Sichuan will double the number of cadres studying in Zhejiang, making the number of section-level cadres reach 150, and the number of cadres below section-level cadres reach 50, and will strive for zhejiang Red Boat Cadre Academy, Zhejiang Ecological Civilization Cadre Academy and other cadres to provide support for the training of Sichuan cadres.In addition, for the first time this year, sichuan will establish a green channel for daily health management and an emergency channel for major medical treatment for cadres and talents from Zhejiang province.For cadres and talents working in high-altitude areas, Sichuan will also provide oxygen supply, physical examination and regular rest in low-altitude areas.”At present, the cooperation between the east and the west in Sichuan has been adjusted from the ‘many-to-one’ in the past to the ‘one-to-one’ now, and has entered a new stage of comprehensive assistance from Zhejiang Province.In order for Sichuan to give better play to the role of supporting cadres and talents, and promote the implementation of cooperation between the east and west and the implementation of paired assistance, it is also urgent for the two sides to jointly study and clarify the ‘baton’ and draw the ‘construction drawing’.”The relevant person in charge of the organization Department of the provincial Party Committee said that the “key tasks” issued this time is to list the task list, clarify the direction of efforts, form a joint force of work, and promote the work to a new level in the new stage and achieve new results.Yang Huiqing, executive vice minister of organization Department of Ganzi Municipal Committee, believes that the work of cadres and talents is an important aspect of the cooperation between the east and the west and the matching support work. The establishment and introduction of the key tasks of cadres and talents work of the list has pointed out the direction and provided guidance for the cooperation between the east and the west and the matching support work.”The introduction of key Tasks gives us a concrete path and a starting point for our work.”Temporary ZhaoJiao liangshan prefecture county party committee and deputy county of zhejiang province ningbo china-italy comprehensive service commissioner black bird ningbo city ecology management committee, the key task not only to make everyone feel sichuan credentials the cadre’s care, let it be clear about the work this year more focus and direction, warm sweet, more practical operation.