Shen Hao “one leaf knows autumn” wen Yutong, issued an apology to Xu Mengyao, fans outspoken “Aquaking”

2022-04-27 0 By

As we all know, YY live broadcast will hold two headline competitions every year, which is the biggest competition between anchors and Shenhao brothers in addition to the annual grand ceremony.Recently, YY “spring headlines” god hao “autumn in one leaf” also came back to YY after a rest.But when the big brother returned, something had changed.God hao “a leaf zhiqiu” after the return, came to the Picasso association of beauty anchor “Wen Yutong” live broadcast interaction, and gave her a lot of gifts.God hao ye Zhiqiu at first just use trumpet to occupy the “Wen Yutong” list, after the identity was exposed, simply do not hide with a large to wen Yutong top list.Mr. Li also had a party with “Brother Qiu” recently, and some fans teased whether “Tong Ma (Wen Yutong)” would go.Mr. Li said that you fans can call people whatever they like, he is a very bottom line anchor, I can not change in such a short time to call others “sister-in-law”.At present, Picasso association’s female anchor Wen Yutong list has broken millions, it seems that YY “big director” this time the leading role fell on the old Bi association female anchor.God hao “autumn” support Picasso conference hostess, even the old Bi himself also feel very surprised, and “autumn brother” also in wen Yutong broadcast with Picasso “hello”.The boss joked that this play is wonderful, the eldest brothers in YY consumption is also for face, he must give face enough, as long as the eldest brothers have fun.As we all know, God hao “yiye Zhiqiu” bought the guild very support Xu Mengyao, but in the annual ceremony after both of the two back network shutdown.YY anchor nine revealed that Xu Mengyao was still looking for someone to check the “autumn brother” trumpet, the results “autumn brother” himself published.This time, “One Ye Zhiqiu” returned and began to support the new female anchor, so some YY fans ridicule him as the first “Aquaking” of YY.Wang Mian is also feeling in YY or “autumn brother” will play, and God hao “autumn” joke, if the fans also want to big news, such as a few months of their brewing.Some netizens bask in the “one leaf zhiqiu” suspected to Xu Mengyao’s account, he said that one is tired and two is their “slag”, and apologize to Xu Mengyao wish her happy forever.In addition, this time “Yiye Zhiqiu” returned to YY and also went to other female anchors such as Oriental Baby, it seems that this is to play happily on YY.