After the hot New Year’s eve flower Phalaenopsis, will not maintenance to see

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The ritual of the New Year starts with a pot of Midnight flowers!New Year’s Eve flowers not only decorate the room, create an atmosphere.More can get rich auspicious, happy reunion of the head.In all kinds of New Year’s Eve flowers, phalaenopsis bear the brunt of the most representative!Petals like butterflies flying, with the “queen of orchid” said.The Spring Festival is open, and the meaning is very pleasing: everything goes well, everything comes true.But have raised phalaenopsis flower friends understand, phalaenopsis is easy to appear all kinds of problems, so how to solve it.Phalaenopsis is not too difficult to take care of, but unlike most houseplants, it is originally an epiphyte, which means it needs more air and water.Cultivation of phalaenopsis can not choose the usual nutrient soil, but choose some air permeability, drainage better materials, such as common water moss, tree ferns, bark and so on.The phalaenopsis plant should be well ventilated and watered regularly.Cultivation of phalaenopsis medium can not often dry, also can not water, so this is also to grasp, another is to pay attention to the maintenance of the position, every day with appropriate scattered light, and maintain a high air humidity.How to water phalaenopsis whether to water there are many ways to judge, common several: 1.According to the dry and wet condition of the planting material: the planting material on the pot surface feels dry and light in color, and the fingers reach into the pot bottom to touch the planting material and feel dry;2. Basin heftily hair light, is the kind of density is very light feeling empty basin feeling, which indicates that the basin water content is very few already, if the basin raised to sink dead sink (there is a solid feeling of the basin), this means that the basin is full of water;3. If it is a transparent pot, look at the color of orchid roots inside the pot.A well-watered orchid is a healthy green and needs watering when it turns white.If light, temperature and ventilation are excluded, then phalaenopsis buds wither and fall in only two cases.One is caused by environmental mutations.Phalaenopsis is very sensitive to temperature, and if the temperature drops sharply, the chance of the flower bud drop will be large.Second, nutrient supply is insufficient.Phalaenopsis flowers for the first time will consume a lot of nutrients, in the second bloom before it will slowly provide enough nutrients for the second bloom, frequent application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, or bud wither and fall is inevitable.Phalaenopsis rotten root maintenance of improper watering or poor ventilation, it is easy to rot.We’ll take the phalaenopsis off the pot first, then trim off the rotten roots.Soak carbendazim for disinfection, soak for about half an hour.Let dry before serving.Once the phalaenopsis is done, it’s time to prepare the new base.Because the original mechanism rotted, there were a lot of germs in it, so it had to be completely replaced.As long as it recovers, the phalaenopsis will sprout new roots from the taproot and grow normally.Occurrence of yellow leaves (1) Bottom of the old leaves yellow, new leaves are healthy.If the phalaenopsis orchid is growing normally, a yellow leaf appears at the bottom, which is normal metabolism.Just throw it away when it loses its yellow leaves.The presence of new leaves indicates life.② Many leaves are yellow and have a spreading trend.If the top is wilting and the young leaves are pale yellow, and the old leaves are gradually dark yellow, this may be rotten by standing water.Stop watering and fertilizing and remove the pot to check the roots.It can also be caused by too much fertilization.You can soak it in a tub to dilute the fertilizer.After soaking, squeeze the water in the birdbath, not too much water.DAOTOM