A woman in Fujian province gave snacks to children in the front row on a high-speed train

2022-04-27 0 By

Netizens in Xiamen, Fujian province, recently shared a funny video.A video shows a woman eating snacks on a high-speed train and being stared at by a boy in the front row.The boy stared at the snack in the woman’s hand, perfect interpretation of what is called the index finger move!Perhaps embarrassed by being stared at, the woman then shared her snack with the boy.What started out as a simple incident caused an uproar in the comments section, with some praising the sister’s gesture as “lovely”, while others said it was inappropriate and could cause unnecessary trouble.The woman also responded, saying that children’s world is very simple, so I hope adults can also be simple, next time we meet again willing to share.So, what the netizen thinks is improper, what is specific to point to?”Not that strangers aren’t good people!The main fear is that the child will develop this habit. If strangers ask for him in the future, we, the head of the family, will really worry.””For children, they are not allowed to hug or kiss or feed anything without their guardian’s permission.It’s about respect for other people, it’s not just about it.””Or later don’t give, waiting for which parents to give you a lesson, you don’t want to be pure, whether it is allergy or stuck or loose bowels, as long as one, afraid you cry can not find a place.”In fact, I think these opposing voices are also reasonable, although women’s behavior is not malicious, but we have not learned from childhood?Can’t accept food from strangers. Isn’t a woman a stranger to a little boy?And if the child does have a problem eating, the woman’s good intentions will become malicious, and trouble will be further caused.Therefore, it is better to be cautious about this kind of thing.What do you think?