No matter how much you like drinking tea, don’t drink these four kinds of tea. Drinking is equal to drinking dirty water. Do you still dare to drink it

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China has been a major producer and consumer of tea since ancient times. After thousands of years of evolution, tea culture with Chinese characteristics has gradually formed.Nowadays, tea has become an indispensable drink for entertaining guests and conducting business negotiations.Although there are many people who like drinking tea in our life, how many of them know how to drink tea?If you look closely at the people around you, you will notice that they are basically drinking too much and not paying attention to the problems with their tea.Some people may say: drink this tea, but also pay attention to what strength ah?People who say these things are irresponsible with their bodies.Drinking tea incorrectly is like drinking dirty water, not to mention healthy.Here are four kinds of tea that are common in our life. If you drink it, you are drinking dirty water. Do you dare to drink it in the future?(1) Dirty water tea with dyeing agent Because some tea made mistakes in the process, resulting in a dull and dull color, some merchants add dyeing agent to their tea, in order to make their tea look brighter.Misleading tea friends to buy their tea.How to identify: Get your hands wet and rub some tea leaves in your hands. If there are obvious colored powder and granular substances in your hands, it is most likely to be dyed tea.(2) The dirty water tea with talcum powder added if some tea leaves are in the process of making, due to the negligence of the tea master, the tea leaves produced look very poor.In this case, some merchants will add talcum powder to the tea in order to make the tea look good and easy to sell.Identification method: make a cup directly, the tea soup without talcum powder looks transparent and bright, while those with talcum powder have impurities, no brightness, and the granular floating matter inside can be seen fresh.(3) Some tea in the process of frying or fermentation, due to technical loopholes, resulting in the aroma of finished tea is not enough, and there may even be green or burnt smell.At this time, some businesses in order to cover up these, put fragrance into the tea, in order to enhance the aroma of tea.Identification method: smell dry tea directly, normal tea fragrance is very natural, if it is to add fragrance tea, aroma smell not only pungent but also head.(4), bad dirty water tea has not finished drinking tea, we all need to store.If stored incorrectly, tea leaves can become damp and moldy.Some tea friends will ask: such a good tea, throw it really a little pity, in the sun outside can drink?That’s certainly not possible.Spoiled tea leaves smell musty, have completely lost the flavor of tea leaves, but also mold, so no matter how good tea, as long as spoiled, do not drink again.Drinking tea is a kind of health, the need is to ensure the quality of good taste of tea.So when choosing tea, we must be serious and careful.We drink tea is a kind of health, if drinking into the mouth like drinking dirty water affects our health, then such tea can be completely abandoned.At the same time for our normal drinking tea, we should also pay attention to the correct storage method.Drinking tea as an important way of health now, many people like drinking tea.Especially in the past two years, affected by the epidemic, the number of tea drinkers has increased a lot, and the way people buy tea is also gradually tending to online shopping.Data show that from the end of 2019 to now, the amount of tea sold online has increased by more than 20% year by year.I have nothing to do. I searched for 3 teas with the highest voice on the Internet. Have you drunk them?This black tea from Yibin, Sichuan province, is a National Geographic protected product.This tea grows in the tea garden above 800 meters in altitude, with abundant precipitation and perennial fog. With this condition, tea leaves accumulate more aroma. In addition, the high terrain and large temperature difference between day and night reduce the gnathing of pests, and there is no need to spray pesticides, and there is no need to worry about agricultural residues.Tea leaves accumulate a lot of nutrients during their growth.It also belongs to the project to help farmers and poverty alleviation, so the price is relatively close to the people, the positioning is to make the ordinary people drink conscience of good tea, the price is less than 100 yuan, drinking tea friends are frequent buybacks.Dry tea shape is tight and slender, all neat and moist, tea is remarkable;After brewing, the tea soup is bright yellow and orange, and the fruit flavor contained in the tea is also awakened.Drink a mouthful, tea fragrance is full of oral cavity, lasting not loose, taste mellow and full, after swallowing gan obviously.This tea is of strong flavor type.The package is silver-yellow and looks expensive, which is great for drinking on your own or for entertaining, but a little out of place for gifts or formal occasions.The dried tea has the aroma of fried rice, and the granules are tight and full with dark green and luster.The tea soup is bright orange, full of fruit flavor, fresh taste, high lasting fragrance, and thirst quenching.▶ Anji white tea anji white tea is relatively high popularity on the Internet, this anji white tea design is very simple, looks very atmospheric.In addition, all extremely white tea can be traced back to the origin, origin to processing information can be checked.Even if you are new to tea, you can rest assured