Nanning: The amount of certificate of origin visa under RCEP is over ten million US dollars

2022-04-26 0 By

– Nanning, Guangxi Daily (Kang ‘an, Correspondent Wang Yanhui) February 1st, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement (RCEP) came into force “one month”. By the end of the day, Nanning Customs issued 155 RCEP certificates of origin, with the amount of visas amounting to 10,065,900 US dollars.Among the RCEP certificates issued in the first month, 142 were RCEP certificates of origin for export to Japan, accounting for 91.61% of the total number of visas issued. Enterprises applying for RCEP preferential certificates of origin for export to Japan became the main highlight of the RCEP implementation in the first month.”On the day RCEP was implemented, the customs helped us issue the first RCEP certificate of origin in Wuzhou, and the plastic cloths produced by the company enjoyed zero tariff when exported to Japan.”Wuzhou rixin plastic industrial company general manager Gan Huizhen said.In order to help enterprises seize RCEP opportunities, Nanning Customs organized the activity of “Joining thousands of ENTERPRISES in RCEP”, set up a policy research group, and tailored the “List of preferential Commodities” for enterprises, guided by the agreed tax reduction table, to guide enterprises to adjust, optimize and upgrade their product structure.At the same time, we will enhance visa efficiency through intelligent verification of certificates of origin, self-printing and prompt issuance of certificates of origin. We will help import and export enterprises make full use of the benefits of the AGREEMENT’s policies, continue to expand multi-tiered cooperation with OTHER AGREEMENT members, and better join the “circle of friends” of the world’s largest FREE trade agreement.”After RCEP came into effect, the tariff of our forest chemical products sold to Japan was reduced from 3.3% to zero, which can reduce the tariff of 600,000 yuan per year for our customers, which is not only beneficial to the development of rosin industry, but also can promote the development of agriculture, forestry and chemical industry.”Guangxi Wuzhou day into forest products chemical co., said the relevant person in charge.Jiang Hao, director of wuzhou Customs comprehensive business Section, introduced that the customs will combine the products exported by enterprises to Japan to do a good job in tariff reduction analysis and research, and actively cultivate the approved exporters under the agreement.At the same time, it is suggested that the majority of import and export enterprises actively apply for certificates of origin, make full use of the relevant policies of the agreement, reduce import costs, and improve the competitiveness of export products in the international market.