Ligue 1 champions together, AC Milan liberated Kalulu, hidden trouble, Barca easy to dig

2022-04-26 0 By

Takeaway: in serie a, AC milan because equaliser by Juventus in a game and ranking has dropped to third place in the standings, but in the case of played a game more, the team still disadvantage by four points behind inter milan, this mainly reflects the stability of the AC milan and defensive quality is not satisfactory.Inter milan have decided to free salomon Kalulu from French champions Lille in a bid to reverse their decline, according to media reports.AC Milan’s current problems are not limited to stability and defensive weakness, and pioli’s ageing problems are also a headache.The pairing of ibrahimovic, 40, and Giroud, 35, provides experience to make up for the lack of depth in the squad, but the pair’s physical and attacking abilities are clearly not as good as those of the younger players, which means the team’s attacking power will drop a notch when they go off the pitch or are not in form.AC Milan’s front line is weak compared to its main rivals, while problems in midfield and defence also need to be addressed.This season, in grams of al and mo long time under the condition of lack of war, skin ollie want biya and roma ollie can perform, even the card lu lu is on the central defender position, but it has failed to make the turn for the better team, embodied in the roma orly field outside haven’t been able to assume the role of captain, contract issue has been dragging late,It was only a matter of time before the media revealed his departure.Young salomon Kalulu has helped ease the pressure in the centre-back position, but because of his physical nature, kalulu is not suited to the position, right back is his ideal home.Fortunately, even if the money is tight, AC Milan are determined to completely free Kalulu, firmly in the transfer window to sign top central defenders.AC Milan have secured approval from Lille to sign top centre back Portman for 33 million euros, according to transfer expert Daniele Longo.Portman is understood to have brokered a deal with AC Milan with a number of suitors eyeing him.Transfer operation satisfied, contract renewal frustrated, AC Milan to keep Casey’s possibility has been minimal, transfer expert Skyla is revealed that Casey’s next home is basically determined to Barcelona, both sides in the in-depth communication under the situation, has determined the annual salary range.If everything goes according to schirra’s expectations, it will only be a matter of time before Casey pulls on the red and blue jersey.