Kunming “double reduction” plan: no longer examine and approve disciplinary training institutions for compulsory education

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This article was transferred from;Kunming Municipal Party Committee Office and Kunming Municipal Government Office recently issued an implementation plan on further reducing the homework burden and off-campus training burden of Students in compulsory education.Among them clear, kunming will be in accordance with the “external governance, the campus security, snookering, symptoms, the working train of thought of promoting” ShuangJian “, promoting “double up” (technique service quality, improve the school education teaching quality), let the students learn better to return to campus, fully healthy growth to create favorable environment for the students,Within one year, students’ heavy homework burdens, the burden of off-campus training, family education expenses and parents’ corresponding energy burdens were effectively reduced, and significant results were achieved in three years. The people’s satisfaction with education was significantly increased.”One school one policy” to formulate the operation management method “Implementation Plan” requirements, establish and improve the operation management mechanism.Relevant municipal departments issued guidance on operation management;Relevant departments at the county level shall formulate detailed rules for the implementation of operation management;According to the “one school one policy”, the school formulates the operation management method, establishes the regular inspection mechanism, establishes the public announcement system;Teachers are encouraged to design layered, flexible and personalized work.Ensure that no written homework is assigned in primary 1 and 2, and that consolidation exercises are arranged appropriately in school;The average writing time for grade 3 to grade 6 should not exceed 60 minutes per day, and that for junior high should not exceed 90 minutes per day.Shall not assign mechanical repetition and punitive homework, shall not assign to parents or disguised homework, shall not assign homework through mobile phones.Homework guidance and feedback should be strengthened. Students should not be asked to review and correct homework, and parents should not be asked to check and correct homework.At the same time, schools and families should cultivate students’ ability of independent study and time management.Parents should earnestly abide by the family education promotion Law, fulfill the responsibility of family education, urge students to take the initiative to complete the remaining homework after class, carry out necessary schoolwork, engage in housework within their power, and carry out appropriate physical exercise.Boarding schools manage students’ spare time.In addition, Kunming will improve the moral education system, improve the quality of ideological and political classes, better physical education, improve the league system, carry out physical fitness monitoring, to ensure that students do not exercise less than one hour a day;Guide each student to master 1 or 2 motor skills.Attach importance to aesthetic education and help each student learn 1 or 2 artistic skills.We will advance the reform of the senior high school entrance examination, improve the reform of the enrollment quota for high-quality regular senior high schools, and form a senior high school enrollment model based on the results of the junior high school academic proficiency examination combined with comprehensive quality evaluation.The Implementation Plan specifies that schools in the compulsory education stage of the city should formulate after-school service plans reasonably, carry out after-school services in an all-round way, and guide students to participate voluntarily.The end time of after-school service afternoon shall not be earlier than the local normal closing time, and the specific time shall be determined by each county (city, district) or school according to the actual situation.Junior high schools can set up self-study classes on weeknights, while boarding junior high schools can adjust their self-study classes on Friday night to Sunday night according to the actual situation.The administrative departments of education of each county (city or district) shall guide schools to establish a flexible commuting mechanism for teachers in light of actual conditions.After-school services are generally undertaken by teachers of the school. Retired teachers, qualified social professionals or volunteers can also be hired to participate in the after-school services. Education administrative departments can organize excellent teachers in the region to carry out after-school services in schools with weak teaching staff.Counties (cities, districts) can adopt the government to purchase services or financial subsidies, service charges or agency charges, etc., to ensure that funds are raised in place.In terms of exploring holiday hosting services, we support and encourage qualified units, streets and communities to carry out holiday hosting services, and actively explore the “street (community, unit labor union) -school” hosting mode.Trusteeship service is given priority to with nurse, prohibit organization collective make up a lesson.Full mobilization of red education bases, museums, cultural centers, science and technology centers, youth activity centers and other resources to integrate forces to participate.Discipline training institutions shall not be introduced to participate.Holiday hosting service shall be guaranteed by service charge or agency charge, and the funds shall be managed according to the relevant provisions of after-school service.Off-campus training institution shall not pay to dig rob school teachers at the same time, the “implementation plan” requirement, various counties (city, area) will no longer examine and approve the new compulsory education stage student’s subject oriented training institutions, for the subject training, sports, culture and art, science and technology category, for national and provincial clear division of labor and management standard, approval and supervision shall, in accordance with the relevant requirements;Further improve the regular investigation mechanism, timely grasp the situation and information of off-campus training institutions, improve the “black and white list” system, regularly announced to the public, strengthen supervision.No more examination and approval will be given to new out-of-school training institutions catering to preschool children or subject-based out-of-school training institutions catering to ordinary senior high school students.Out-of-school training institutions shall not recruit teachers from schools with high salaries or employ in-service teachers from primary and secondary schools;Personnel engaged in subject training must have corresponding teacher qualifications, and the information of teacher qualifications shall be publicized in a prominent place on the site of the training institution or on the website.Fees for subject-related off-campus training in compulsory education will be put under government-guided pricing management, pricing methods will be determined in a scientific and reasonable way, fee standards will be clarified, and excessive fees and profit-seeking practices will be curbed.Off-campus training institutions shall not collect training fees for more than three months at a time, and shall issue legal bills to prevent problems such as “difficulty in refunding fees” and “running away with money”.Discipline training institutions shall not be listed for financing and capitalization operation is strictly prohibited.Strengthen training advertising control, to ensure that mainstream media, new media, public places, residential areas of all kinds of billboards and online platforms do not publish or broadcast training advertising outside the school.(CCTV reporter Liu Wenjie)