Each kick a good half, Milan reverse inter, sabre, Giroud is not old, true hero also!

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The milan Derby in round 24 of Serie A showed us what the highest level of competition is, as AC Milan came from behind to defeat Inter 2-1 in the second half.At the beginning of the game, the head coaches of the two teams began a battle of wits.AC Milan coach Pioli pushed Casey to the forward position, hoping that Casey’s strong body can help Milan in the front of the game, while the double midfield let Ben Nasser and Tonali two of the technical flow of the midfield, trying to help AC Milan complete the connection between the middle and the back, let the ball more fluent.Inter coach Pippo Inzaghi was heavily stockpiled in the midfield, from the midfield on AC Milan double back, using the physical advantage of the top defense, so that Tonali and Ben Nasser can not get the ball comfortably;For Casey, he tried his best to close down, so that he could not turn around smoothly and form an effective push. Casey played in front, and his position was too rigid, and he was completely blocked by Inter for receiving and defending the ball.And, inter in the first half, the two sides play more active, Dumfries will be dead in the back of Leo, it is difficult to forward assists form a threat;Perisic kept the Rossoneri on their heels the other way, too.So that the skin ollie wishful thinking is completely overturned, AC milan is originally want to dozen by pressing force, but the result is inter limit before built some disconnect, two defensive midfielders though top could get the ball in the middle to further advance, defence the fear response speed and inter midfielder distance too far.Milan, unable to make sense of their tactics, were repeatedly attacked in midfield by inter tackles and would have been undone in the first half had it not been for the magic of goalkeeper Sergio Menion.It is worth mentioning that inter veteran Ivan Perisic once again showed us what it means to be old.Dumfries on the right caused problems for AC milan but wasted excellent chances, while Perisic not only narrowly missed an assist (he was disallowed for offside) but also came on to set up inter’s opening goal at the crucial moment to put the lead in their favour.Unfortunately, inter could not extend their lead and the game is for 90 minutes, not 45.In the second half, the situation changed dramatically, AC Milan finally realized the idea of a big army, which benefited from pioli according to the situation on the field quickly made two personnel adjustments, Messi appeared to increase the front court confrontation point;Take out Casey, put in Diaz, and increase the ball up front.The two changes were very interesting, pioli moved milan’s point of attack forward and put another technical point in front, so that the whole midfield could work together seamlessly, and inter were also a little bit less fit and could not close milan down as strongly as in the first half, and AC Milan’s midfield suddenly came alive.Pioli’s strategy of increasing firmness up front, pressuring Inter, technical players controlling the periphery of the midfield, and repeated pressure on Inter was perfectly implemented thanks to two very targeted substitutions, and the second half was milan’s game.Interestingly, it was also a veteran who helped Milan turn the advantage into a winning momentum and finally achieved the lead. Giroud’s golden two goals made milan’s comeback in the second half more meaningful.Whether in front of the ball, or the standard big centre-forward action of turning around and shooting against the opponent’s defenders, there is no doubt that Giroud is still the top centre-forward in Serie A, not to mention that he fought and fought with inter’s defenders in front again and again?Giroud was a hero and AC Milan played a good half but were more efficient.Sabre (perisic), giroud and pioli and pippo inzaghi showed us what serie A is all about at the highest level.The result aside, this was a very good match, there is a lot to think about, what is called restraint and anti-restraint, in this game fully embodied, the two teams in the first and second half of the performance is completely different, but also embodies the ability of a good manager to cope with the situation.This game, the pace is bright, the rise of Milan duo, also seems to let us see the return of the golden age of Serie A, but the key moment, still rely on the old veteran, that Serie A from the real golden age of return, still very far away.