(Argentina’s president will bring a soccer academy to China during the Beijing Winter Olympics.)

2022-04-26 0 By

I just saw this information on the network news. During the Beijing Winter Olympics, President Fernandez will visit China, and the two sides will discuss a number of cooperation, including the docking of various sports industries!Most exciting news: Argentina and China will also jointly announce the establishment of a football school, Argentine coaches and technicians will provide training for Chinese football players, and carry out intensive sports exchanges. Sports cooperation will be the main content of future Cooperation between Argentina and China.[Sprinkle][sprinkle][sprinkle] China-Arab friendship will last forever [praise][praise][praise][praise] The future of Chinese football has been saved![pray][pray][Pray] Blessed be the nation, blessed be the fans!Chinese football, since 2002, has not shown its face in the international arena for 20 years, and tragically, from the first class in Asia to the third class, what’s more, the income level of the players is getting higher and higher, and the level of playing is getting worse and worse, where is the problem?Institutional issues?Or a frog in the well?Is our youth training system effective?In other words, how is the system functioning?I hope that after tomorrow, Chinese football will turn over a new leaf and perk up again!!(Image from Internet abuse and deletion)